No better than this..

I'd be very hard-pushed to find a better clay clumping litter. Excellent, and very little tracking once the litter tray was put into a high sided (hop-in) cardbod box.
12/17/18 | Elisa

I'm still not sure

I have 2 cats and it works great with them, no bad smell suuuuper clamping and easy to clean. most of the review are complaining because the tray is very difficult to clean, but I didn't find this problem. however, the "complain" that I have for this litter is that I find sand everywhere even with a mat to catch litter. So I'm not 100% satisfied
12/08/18 | Sev

Excellent product

After using silicone crystals then a very very expensive clumping litter only one retailer sold o thought I would give this a go. Thank goodness I did! It’s a fraction of the cost, is equally good at neutralising odours, clumping and provided you scoop every day it lasts forever and I have 3 very fussy ragdolls who took to this straight away. Baby powder scent is very subtle, no odours whatsoever and hardly any tracking. I would highly recommend this product as for me there are no negatives.

Best ever

Amazing product.


When my preferred litter disappeared from the shelves, I tried a few different brands looking for a replacement. Nothing worked for us until I fould Tigerino Canada. The clumps form instantly, making them easy to scoop and preventing sticking. I can top up the level without needing to completely change the tray every few days and it keeps the lovely delicate smell. I have 4 cats using 2 hooded trays and they are happy to use it as the box stays clean (they are fussy about personal hygiene).

Best ever!

After my usual litter disappeared from the shelves, I tried a few different types, hoping to find one that my cats would use, and that wasn't to difficult for me to maintain. This one fits the bill perfectly. The clumping is instant, making the clumps well-differentiated and easy to scoop from the tray. I don't have to completely change the litter every few days as long as I keep it topped up, there is no sticking to the bottom or sides of the tray, and it smells lovely.

Wish I had discovered this before!

Having previously used wood pellets and crystal type litter in the past, I do wish I had discovered this earlier! This is used in a covered cat litter tray with a small mat in front. My kittens started using it straight away, I didn't transition them, they seemed to prefer it, probably softer under their paws. Very simple and easy to scoop. This litter is new to us, it seems like you just have to top it up a bit regularly, my extra large litter tray takes a whole bag. Would highly recommend!
07/30/18 | Hilary Murdoch

best ive used

my cats will only use this product. it does not smell when the cats have used the litter tray. the product clumps together and is easily removed. the baby powder one smells lovely even after a week.
04/18/18 | Anna B.

Smashing product - very pleased & will order again!

Ordered this product about a month ago after the last litter product was such a letdown. At first I was a bit concerned about the price, but in comparison to other products I tried before Tigerino has a great price - value as one bag lasted a month now - great! Clumps very well, so I only scooped out the necessary bits and it really keeps the odour contained.

Good and economical

Pleased with this product, clumps well and goes far
04/09/18 | SbA

My favourite

I really like using tigerino baby powder scented clumping litter. It clumps very well. I have noticed that the strength of the bags have been improved as before the bags where quite weak and any small holes from damage during delivery would cause the bags to split. I have also noticed that the amount supplied has reduced. It used to be 15kg now it is 12kg. Please can zooplus pack it a little better as sometimes the box comes almost falling apart.
01/26/18 | Anne green

Best cat litter ever

So much better than previous litter - Catsan - and much cheaper, lasts longer too. My girl cat would only use a tray on her own and it would need to be completely changed every day or she wouldn’t use it. If one of my 3 boy cats used it, then it would need changing twice! With this litter she is very happy, and because of the great smell and clumping, you can just scoop out the “lumps”.
09/27/17 | Hani

Cats smelled like baby powder

Clumps well, and definitely smells of baby powder! Does fill the room with a subtle baby powder smell and even made the cats smell like baby powder. Highly recommended. Only issue is that if you don't have a deep litter box it does stick to the bottom once litter gets low.
08/11/17 | Rhonda

Clumps well, but no nice powder smell!

Clumped well & not too much tracking of bits, but this didn't smell of baby powder st all! Don't but because you thinks it will smell of anything but cat litter lol!
08/11/17 | Patricia Boshoff

Best ever

Best I've used and I've got 7 cats. Lasts longer and smells clean and fresh.
06/26/17 | Sally Golder

Great litter shame price has increased so much

We've been using this litter for some time and it is excellent. Clumps really well and easy to sieve to clean out. However large bags just reduced in size from 15 kg to 12 kg which is great but price was £18.99 and is now £16.99 an increase of over 7p per litre which is a very big jump
06/05/17 | Natalie

Clumps into balls, making it easy to scoop.

I buy the economy 2X 15KG bags for two large male cats (Siberian and Ragdoll) who use the same large tray. I find with a regular scoop out, a tray can last be between 7-10 days before I have to do a full change, so typically two bags can last me about 3 months. For £18.99 divided over 3 months, I think that's pretty good going. In terms of smell, I find that it holds odour quite well, it takes a good 3 days or so before it starts smelling, where I just sprinkle in some deodorising powder.
03/07/17 | Phil

One of the best clumping cat litters

I love this cat litter it clumps really good making life easy with the scope. The baby powder smell smells nice and covers up cat number 2s smell really well. This is a heavy cat litter so if you carry your litter tray around to empty it this may not work for you. You need a good deep layer in The litter tray to stop it sticking to the bottom of the tray if you don't this stuff is like concrete and hard to get off the bottom. The clumps once they have had time to harden will not break apart like other clumping litters I've tried. This litter works perfect in the omega paw rolling litter box.
02/22/17 | Jazzy

Was expecting miracles

After reading all the great reviews on here I was expecting to find, at last, the best ever cat litter! But how wrong was I? I'm so disappointing with this product. Firstly it's like fine sand so I had to purchase a fine cat litter scoop. I put loads in the tray (15cm) which makes it sooo heavy, and my cats wee still manages to soak through to the bottom getting stuck on the bottom of the tray. It's a military effort cleaning it each evening and I seem to spend about 10 minutes sifting and panning for cat poo and wee, urgh. Topped off my the most horrendous smell which makes me gag. It's a week tomorrow I filled it and I think I'm going to have to empty the whole lot and refill. I have 2 massive bags of the stuff to get through too ..... will definitely go back to Catsan which in my opinion is the best I've found for easiness and minimal smell.
02/13/17 | Bernadette

My quest has ended perfect litter

I have had cats on and off all my life and I have tried to find the perfect litter - a quest that every cat owner has undertaken. Fine granules with a hint of a smell but no dust which is perfect.It was only when it was used that I saw how great this was. The clumps can be lifted in one piece easily and you can remove all soiled litter so you are left with a tray that looks like it's been freshly cleaned. Little tracking think a large bag will last - highly recommended

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