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Trixie Tick Tweezers

Product description

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Tick Tweezers
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Product description

Handy and durable plastic tick tweezers, for dogs and cats, remove ticks by turning the tool, does not crush the tick, available in various colours, length: 9cm
The Trixie Tick Tweezers are designed to be functional and have an innovative tweezer head. These tick tweezers work by getting under the tick, clamping the tick's head and twisting it out. This avoids putting direct pressure on the tick’s body so it can be removed without crushing. This is important as it can prevent your pet from developing a serious tick-borne infections. These Trixie tweezers are very well suited to removing ticks on dogs.

These Trixie Tick Tweezers are available in pink, turquoise and black. However, it is not possible to choose the colour.

Trixie Tick Tweezers at a glance:

  • Plastic tick tweezers
  • Ideal for use on dogs
  • Simple removal of ticks
  • Easy to use: just clamp and twist
  • Removes the tick without crushing: helps prevent your pet from developing any serious tick-borne infections
  • Length: 9cm
  • Colour: pink, turquoise, black

Please note: It is not possible to select the colour - you will receive one of the colours shown.


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