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Trixie Railing Clamp & Telescoping Rod

Product description

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Clamp & Telescoping Rod
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Product description

Accessory for securing the balcony with a protective cat net.
With this telescoping rod and railing clamp, you can quickly and easily secure a cat net to keep your cat safe. A cat net will allow your cat the freedom to explore your balcony, but gives you the peace of mind that they can venture safely. The clamps, made of galvanised steel, are suitable for round or square railing up to 3.5 cm thick. The telescopic rod, made of aluminium, is easily adjusted to fit your balcony. The telescopic rod has an angled end, which faces inwards, so your cat won't be able to climp or jump over the installed netting.
Installing the Trixie Railing Clamp & Telescoping Rod is easy! Simply assemble with rod with the clamp, then thread the it through the cat netting. Then with the galvanised railing clamp, secure it to your balcony railing!
Trixie Railing Clamp & Telescoping Rod at a glance:
  • 1 aluminium telescopic rod consisting of 2 parts
  • Adjustable between 100 - 200cm
  • 1 galvanised railing clamp, adjustable up to 3.5cm
  • 1 clamp consisting of 2 tabs, 1 screw and 1 wing nut
  • Rod, approx 2cm diameter
  • Angled section of rod, approx 15cm
  • With eyelet for threading the cat net
Note To ensure the cat net is stable and secure, it is recommended that the net is attached to a pole every 2 metres.


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