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Trixie Protective Fencing for Tilting Windows - White

Product description

Trixie Protective Fencing for Tilting Windows - White 4 7
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Format 1: Side of Window
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Format 2: Top or Bottom of Window
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Product description

Effective securing for tilting windows (casement windows) by covering up any openings from Trixie, climbing up mesh is not possible
Windows that are tilted open can be very dangerous for cats because they can get pinched or injured. This fencing closes off dangerous openings and is designed so that cats can't climb up it.

Can be screwed or taped on to secure the window from all sides. If possible, the fencing should be mounted on the window frame with the included screws. This guarantees a long lasting secure protection for your cat. If it is not possible to screw the fencing on, it can also be adhered or taped, for example with help of TESA Powerstrips®. We recommend you use materials to attach the protective fencing that can be easily removed at a later date.

Colour: white, 1 piece (fencing for one side of window).
The following dimensions are available:

Format 1:

  • Mount for One (vertical) Side Panel for Window
  • Height 62.5cm
  • Width 8 - 16 cm
  • Bar spacing apprx. 1.5cm
  • 1 Side Piece
Format 2:
  • Mount for the (horizontal) Top or Bottom Panel for Window
  • 65 x 16 cm
  • Bar spacing apprx. 1.5cm
  • 1 Piece

Please note that Format 1 can only be used for the vertical window sides, while Format 2 can only be used for the horizontal window top or bottom opening.

Caution when purchasing Format 2: If the design of the window is such that the handle turns outward from the edge of the window, then the fencing may conflict with the window handle when closed, making it unsuitable for such designs of windows.


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