01/08/19 | Annika
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Works fine

I`m happy with the product as it is simple to install and now we feel safe to leave windows open. The upper part was a bit short for one window, but I guess it was our mistake not to measure the window.
26/08/18 | Becky
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Peace of mind

Having adopted two very active young adult indoor cats, we were scared that they could escape our get hurt in our upstairs windows. With the hot summer we've had, keeping the windows closed wasn't an option. The fencing has been great. We couldn't use screws on our windows, but the recommended heavy duty double sided foam tape has stuck them up with no problem. They cover all the gaps we were concerned about, and are very reasonably priced.
07/05/17 | SmokyH
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Defo a cat saviour!

Bought these after I found my furbaby in agony as she'd got her paw caught in the window, although they don't stop this, they certainly stop both cats from getting out. At the moment I have V shaped doorstop wedges packed into the gap when the windows are open, so neither of them can get their paws wedged in again. ***N.B. note to manufacturer.... can you make anything to stop the cats getting their paws caught in the narrowing part of the opening of the tilting Windows?***
02/11/15 | Kat L.
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Finally I feel secure to open the window!

My windows open outwards and in the bottom part. I couldn't find a way to secure them as most of the nets or fences suit windows that open inwards. I used a strong velcro (could not attach them permanently as I rent the apt. and the landlord would not accept that) and attached the fences to the window itself, and not to the frame. This works perfectly and finally I feel that my cat is safe! Will buy more for other windows before summer.
14/08/13 | Shirley
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Brilliant news

A few years ago I knew of a family that got up in the morning to find their beloved cat had got trapped and died in one of these awful windows so to see this now available on Zooplus website is great news.