Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix

: 4/5
Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour....further information
Product description
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
Trixie Catnip Herbal Mix
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Product description

Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour.

Catnip is composed of the leaves of the Nepeta Cataria. The scent of this mint inspires cats to playful behaviour. You can use this mint in combination with your darling's toys or scratching post. The scent of the catnip is long-lasting so your cat will have plenty of fun with this natural pleasure.

Catnip is in no way harmful, so you don't have to worry if your cat eats this herbal mix.


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: 1/5
Not Catnip
This smells nothing like catnip and looks nothing like catnip. It has a very potent regular mint smell. My cats love catnip but they recoiled when I put this in front of them. I wasted my zoopoints on this..
15/02/22|Graham Bryer
: 1/5
Trixie catnip
Recieved the product from the company very cheap and 1st class service so no complaints there but the product TRIXIE CATNIP IS TERRIBLE will have to go back to B@M make and only 1.99 and my cats LOVE IT so sorry TRIXIE its nil poiints from me
: 5/5
My cats love this, it makes them very happy and is great for the price
15/10/20|Cosmin D.
: 1/5
Not for us.
This catnip didn't work at all on my cat, and we used many brand along the years. Also, it seems like oregano to me. I will definitely continue using other brands now.
: 5/5
Somewhere I read that only 50% of cats respond to catnip, that obviously includes my little critter.He went BONKERS! Enough said:)
: 5/5
Both my cats went mad for this as soon as it was opened, I stupidly left the packet (sealed) on my bedside cabinet when I went to work and came home to an explosion where one of my cats had ripped the bag open and spread it everywhere!! Will be buying more, its hilarious haha
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: 5/5
It works!
My cat loves this catnip. I bought it to make her new bed more appealing and it worked like a treat. Now she's always in it. She also comes running as soon as she hears or smells the packet, and just wants to toy around with it! So it does perfectly what it's supposed to do.
: 5/5
My cat goes crazy for this!
As soon as I get the packet out my cat starts going wild! I don't even have to open the packet because she tries to herself
28/04/13|Katie down
: 5/5
Turns my cat crazy - in a good way!
I have bought various cat nip products before and my cat is a big fan but I bought this trixie mix to add to a scratch pad and another toy, and it has proved ridiculously popular with my Burmilla cat! I think it must be a strong catnip, because he can smell it on things that have sat next the packet in the cupboard. He loves it as a treat and goes a little crazy with it - but it gives him pleasure rather than making him destructive which I found with other catnips I've tried before.
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: 5/5
My Devon Rexes LOVE This!
I hand sewed some felt mice toys for my kittens to take to their forever homes. Whilst stuffing the toys I added a generous helping of this cat nip - the kittens loved it. The triple pack was good value for my use, I just have to keep it hidden!
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: 5/5
cheeky kitty
Like the review before mine, my kitty managed to get to this before I did when I left it on the floor after taking it out of the packaging..came back to find holes in it from where my kitten had a good time with it :P so far so good I sprinkled some into the new cat bed I bought and he is now sitting comfortable inside it! Although I must warn people that Zooplus's delivery service has caused me massive problems but the products themselves are amazing. wish people better luck with delivery!
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: 5/5
The cat's whiskers
My cat managed to break into the cardboard box to find this catnip, she then tore the packet apart and had a great time with it! Bought the packet a year ago and it still works when i sprinkle some on the floor.