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Cat Mate Large Cat Flap - 4 Way Lock

Product description

Cat Mate Large Cat Flap - 4 Way Lock 4 12
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Product description

Cat flap specially designed for large cats and small dogs up to 36cm in shoulder height, with 4-way locking and ideal for all types of doors and walls. Add security and freedom to your home!
The Cat Mate Large Cat Flap is specially designed for large cats and smaller dogs, with a shoulder height up of to 36cm.
It has four-way locking and is waterproof and draught-proof thanks to a seal and magnetic closure. It also makes little noise when it opens and closes. Large cat breeds have specific needs in terms of keeping and care, and in particular they need more space. A cat flap such as this provides additional space through which they can enter and exit the home, for added freedom. The Cat Mate Large Cat Flap fits the criteria and is also suitable for small dogs with a shoulder height of up to 36cm, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pekinese, Dachshunds and Miniature Poodles. The casing of the cat flap is suitable for all doors with a thickness of up to 5cm.

The Cat Mate Large Cat Flap has a brush seal and magnetic closure, to help prevent draughts or rain from entering. The seal is strong enough to stop the wind from opening to it but allows your pet to enter with ease. Opening and closing the Cat Mate Large Cat Flap makes little noise, to ensure that neither you nor your pet become startled. Thanks to the four-way locking with double-lock, you get to decide whether the flap is open, closed or passable in just one direction.

Cat Mate Large Cat Flap at a glance:
  • Cat flap for large cats and small dogs (shoulder height up to 36cm)
  • Casing suitable for installation in a panel up to 5cm thick
  • Transparent flap: allows your pet to look through
  • Soft opening and closing
  • Easy to install and use
  • Available in white and brown
  • 4-way locking:
    • Just in
    • Just out
    • In and out
    • Locked
  • Total dimensions: 23.5 x 25.2cm (W x H)
  • Cut-out dimensions: 21 x 22.7 cm (W x H)
  • Entrance opening dimensions: 18 x 19.7 cm (W x H)
  • Installation options: for all doors up to 5cm thick
  • Draught stopper: thanks to magnetic closure and brush seal, making it waterproof and draught-proof
  • 3 year guarantee
Please note: Article 145766.0 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland.


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