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The Dachshund is a particularly self-confident dog. Intelligent and courageous, he is the ideal hunting dog. As a companion dog, emphasis should be placed on early socialisation to prevent later confrontations. The Dachshund is particularly lively and therefore requires sufficient patience, empathy and a great deal of consistency. In order to ensure the health of your Dachshund you should pay particular attention to the maintenance of the ideal weight, which can be supported by food with special composition.
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    2 products
    2 products


    Royal Canin Dachshund Dog Food, specially designed for dachshunds older than 10 months, joint protection, ideal weight maintenance, deceleration of ageing, reduced stool odour.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    3 Varieties from
    €12.49 €8.33 / kg
    €49.99 €6.67 / kg
    Economy Pack: 2 x 7.5kg
    individually priced €99.98 Now€87.99 €5.87 / kg

    Puppy food for growing Dachshunds up to the age of 10 months, with highly-digestible proteins and prebiotics (FOS) alongside an antioxidant complex, in a tailored kibble.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    2 Varieties from
    €15.49 €10.33 / kg
    Economy Pack: 3 x 1.5kg
    individually priced €46.47 Now€43.99 €9.78 / kg

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