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Yorkshire Terrier

    The Yorkshire Terrier is especially intelligent and affectionate. He has a strong instinct to play and must therefore be challenged both physically and mentally. Due to their long silky coat, shampoo, combs and brushes should not be missing from any "Yorkie" household. Since Yorkshire Terriers are prone to obesity, you should pay special attention to a responsible diet. In addition, high-meat, low-fat snacks and foods can help maintain ideal weight.
    More food especially for the needs of smaller dogs can be found here.
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    Yorkshire Terrier:

    Eukanuba Breed Yorkshire Terrier - made to nourish the overall health including dental, skin & coat, and immune system health of the Yorkshire Terrier.

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    2 Varieties from €13.02
    Was €13.29 Now €13.02 €6.51 / kg
    Economy Pack: 3 x 2kg
    individually priced €39.06 Now €37.23 €6.20 / kg

    Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dog Food, specially developed for Yorkshire Terriers 10 months or older for healthy skin and a radiant coat, delay of the aging process.

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    4 Varieties from €12.53
    Was €12.79 Now €12.53 €8.35 / kg
    Was €20.99 Now €20.57 €6.86 / kg
    Was €46.99 Now €46.05 €6.14 / kg
    Economy Pack: 2 x 7.5kg
    individually priced €92.10 Now €88.19 €5.88 / kg

    Balanced dry food for Yorkshire Terrier puppies up to 10 months, with omega fatty acids for glossy coat, helping to support the immune system and with L.I.P. proteins for healthy digestion.

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    2 Varieties from €11.75
    Was €11.99 Now €11.75 €7.83 / kg
    Economy Pack: 3 x 1.5kg
    individually priced €35.25 Now €34.99 €7.78 / kg

    Complete dry food for Yorkshire Terriers over the age of 8 years, specially designed to support healthy ageing and enriched with a skin barrier complex in a tailored kibble shape.

    Delivery in 1-5 working days...more
    2 Varieties from €25.47
    Was €25.99 Now €25.47 €8.49 / kg
    Economy Pack: 2 x 3kg
    individually priced €50.94 Now €48.01 €8.00 / kg
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