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Trixie Vario Mobile Kennel

Product description

Trixie Vario Mobile Kennel 5 34
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75.99 131.99 EUR 4
Size 20 (S): 61 x 43 x 46 cm (L x W x H)
Was  €90.99
Now €75.99
(€75.99 / unit)
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Size 30 (S-M): 76 x 48 x 51 cm (L x W x H)
Was  €104.99
Now €87.99
(€87.99 / unit)
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Size 40 (M-L): 91 x 58 x 61 cm (L x W x H)
Was  €134.99
Now €112.99
(€112.99 / unit)
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Size 50 (L): 99 x 65 x 71/61 cm (L x W x H)
Was  €157.99
Now €131.99
(€131.99 / unit)
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Product description

Mobile kennel for dogs, with stable metal frame, straps and pegs to fix in place, with soft floor mat and good ventilation thanks to net insert, with entrances on three different sides, various sizes
The foldable Trixie Vario Mobile Kennel is a versatile accessory, acting as a great pet kennel for when you're away from home. No matter whether you are camping, travelling or simply staying away from home, this Trixie Vario Mobile Kennel offers your dog the perfect space to relax in. Floor straps and pegs included with the crate help to secure the kennel firmly to the floor. It is easy for your dog to enter the box as it can be opened on three different sides. A net insert all the way around allows for optimum ventilation in the kennel and can be closed when there is too much sun coming in or it starts to rain. 

Trixie Vario Mobile Kennel at a glance:

  • Mobile kennel for dogs, ideal for travelling, camping, holidays or at home
  • Ideal for outdoor use: water-resistant and can be fixed to the floor using straps and pegs
  • Particularly stable thanks to metal frame
  • Opens on three sides: your dog can choose its entrance
  • Net insert for good ventilation
  • Upper net insert that can cover and protect your dog
  • Velcro fasteners underneath to prevent the box slipping
  • Cuddly layer made from imitation sheepskin
  • With side pocket
  • Base layer cover machine washable at 30°C
  • Quick and easy to fold up: no need for tools
  • Saves space: comes with its own carry bag
  • Colour: black/grey
  • Material: hard-wearing polyester
  • Windows: with hardwearing netting
  • Grid type: metal frame
  • Frame material: with powder coating
  • Optimum ventilation: net inserts on the left, rear (in upper area) and on top
  • Available in different sizes

Sizing chart:

Vario 20 (S)
Vario 30 (S-M)
Vario 40 (M-L)
Vario 50 (L)
Outer dimensions
61 x 46 x 43cm (W x D x H)
76 x 51 x 48cm (W x D x H)
91 x 61 x 58cm (W x D x H)
99 x 71/61 x 65cm (W x D x H)
51 x 32cm (W x H)
62 x 36cm (W x H)
75 x 42cm (W x H)
80 x 50cm (W x H)
Side entrance
33 x 30cm (W x H)
39 x 33cm (W x H)
46 x 42cm (W x H)
52 x 48cm (W x H)
Top opening
35 x 32cm (L x W)
45 x 37cm (L x W)
58 x 47cm (L x W)
64 x 46cm (L x W)
Top netting
24 x 22cm (L x W)
34 x 27cm (L x W)
47 x 36cm (L x W)
52 x 36cm (L x W)
Side pocket
22 x 26cm (W x H)
28 x 29cm (W x H)
29 x 32cm (W x H)
35 x 33cm (W x H)
Cushion insert
57 x 39 x 1.8cm (L x W x H)
71 x 47 x 1.8cm (L x W x H)
87 x 55 x H 1.8cm (L x W x H)
95 x 66 x 1.8cm (L x W x H)
Carry bag
63 x 46 x 10cm (L x W x H)
78 x 53 x 10cm (L x W x H)
93 x 61 x 10cm (L x W x H)
100 x 72 x 10cm (L x W x H)
Item weight

Please note: This kennel is not suitable for carrying dog or cats. It is not suitable to be used as a pet carrier or crate. It is designed to be a place to retreat and sleep at home, while travelling, at shows and tournaments and can be used as a closed carrier in the car. The travel kennel is not intended to house pets in their owners' absence due to the danger of the material becoming damaged, allowing the pet to escape.


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