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ADAPTIL® Express Tablets

Product description

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Adaptil Express (10 tablets)
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Product description

Functional food supplement tablets for dogs, with a special mix of amino acids, GABA acids and a vitamin B complex, to help your dog relax in stressful or challenging situations.
During its life, your dog will naturally come across situations in which it feels stressed or uncomfortable, which can be eased with these ADAPTIL® Express Tablets - even situations that may seem normal to us humans can be highly unpleasant for your dog. Large celebrations, fireworks displays and loud storms can all be stressful and frightening for your dog and its sensory organs, which are more finely developed than our own.
These ADAPTIL® Express Tablets enable you to make these foreseeable threatening situations a little bit easier for your dog and make its anxiety easier to cope with. This supplement in tablet form contains a special mix of amino acids and GABA acids (gamma aminobutyric acids) along with a vitamin B complex. It can help support your dog just two hours after administering, helping it to relax and calmly work its way through mental challenges and stresses.

ADAPTIL® Express Tablets at a glance:

  • Supplementary food in tablet form, for dogs and puppies
  • Quickly helps with occasional stressful, challenging situations
  • Calming effect: relaxes your dog in foreseeable difficult situations such as storms, fireworks, celebrations and parties, journeys, vet visits and grooming
  • Scientifically proven: helps to reduces symptoms of anxiety
  • Works quickly and short-term: two hours after administering
  • Relaxing active ingredients: based on natural components, thanks to a special mix of amino acids, GABA and B-vitamins
  • Recommended and developed by veterinarians
  • Natural liver flavour: easy to administer, with the taste of a treat



Refined palm oil, maltodextrin, yeast, magnesium stearate, GABA, green tea extract, rich in L-theanine, processed animal protein (pork).

Additives (per 1.3g tablet):
Vitamin B1 (1mg), vitamin B6 (9mg), vitamin B12 (0.01mg), niacin [vitamin B3] (2.5mg), L-tryptophan (100mg).

Dosage form:
Each packet contains 10 tablets, diameter 16 x (H) 7mm, each weighing 1.3g

Analytical constituents

protein 48.0 %
fat 5.8 %
fibre 6.8 %
ash 6.8 %

Feeding guide

If at all possible, administer Adaptil tablets 2 hours before the start of stressful or challenging situations.
Repeat after 6 hours if necessary.
The tablets can be administered with or without food.
Dog’s weight Quantity per dose
Up to 10kg 1/2 tablet
10 - 20kg 1 tablet
20 - 30kg 2 tablets
More than 30kg 3 tablets




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