Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are great for home grooming. Make sure you have the right size head for the length of fur you want, and you're ready to go!

3 products
3 products

Original clipper blades from Oster. Very durable and long lasting and a great selection. There's a blade to suit every type of fur.

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Clipper Blade No.4 (Length 9.5mm, Skip Tooth)

Was €51.99

Clipper Blade No.5 (Length 6.3mm, Skip Tooth)

Sold out.

Was €55.99

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Clipper Blade No.7 (Length 3.2mm, Skip Tooth)

Was €36.99

Clipper Blade No.7F (Length 3.2mm)

Was €40.99

Clipper Blade No.10 (Length 1.5mm)

Was €35.99


Special blade oil for care of electric clipper sets. Keeps blades lubricated and running smoothly, ensuring a longer lifespan for your electric clippers. Regular application recommended.

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Practical clipper for cats & dogs, cutting length adjustable (3-6 mm), stainless steel clipper head, with comb attachment, battery and mains operation possible, compact design, incl. charging station

Delivery in 1-5 working days
1 Varieties from
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