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Moser Blade Oil for Electric Clippers

Product description

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Product description

Special blade oil for care of electric clipper sets. Keeps blades lubricated and running smoothly, ensuring a longer lifespan for your electric clippers. Regular application recommended.
This high-quality Moser Blade Oil for Electric Clippers will help you to ensure that your clipper blades are always well lubricated. Regular use of hair clipper oil helps to maintain your electric clippers and gives them a longer life. Lubricating the blades protects them from wear and creates a better, more precise cut, for best results when you are grooming your dog.
This oil has been formulated to be skin-friendly and economical – a little goes a long way. Refer to the manufacturer’s care instructions of your clippers to make sure that the machine is correctly maintained.

Moser Blade Oil for Electric Clippers at a glance:

  • Contents: 200ml
  • Optimal lubrication of cutting surfaces:
    • protects metal from wear
    • helps to create best results every time
  • Recommended for regular use: to ensure a long life for your electric clippers
    • Economical: A little goes a long way
    • Skin-friendly
    • Easy to use

Usage instructions:

  • 1. Switch off the clippers and unplug them.
  • 2. Removee the clipper blade from the machine (refer to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • 3. Remove any hair clippings from the clipper blade using the cleaning brush.
  • 4. Replace the clipper blade onto the machine (refer to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • 5. Place a drop of oil on the outer teeth to left and right, and in the middle of the blade.
  • 6. Switch the clippers on and leave them running for 10 seconds to allow the oil to spread.
Important: Oil the clipper blade regularly, as per the instructions, to ensure that your clippers last for a long time. Insufficient lubrication allows the metal surfaces to rub together, causing excess wear.

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