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Agility Fun & Sport Jumping Hoop

Product description

Agility Fun & Sport Jumping Hoop 4 5
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complete set: jumping hoop, diameter 55 cm
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Product description

Height-adjustable Agility Jumping Hoop (55cm diameter) with stabilising poles included to expand on your show-jumping course. Includes practical nylon bag for transport
With the height-adjustable Sport Jumping Hoop from the Agility Fun & Sport Series you can set up or expand your own individual agility show-jumping course. The hoop can be adjusted without the use of holes and gives way on contact considerably reducing risk of injury.

The jumping hoop fits comfortably in a nylon shoulder bag, making it easy to transport them so that any walkies could turn into an exciting training session. The metal points at the end of the poles make it easy to set up your show-jumping course in the garden or in a field.

Doing activities with dogs strengthens the bond with their owners and encourages your dog's natural impulse to run about.

Please note:

  • The dog's muscles should always be warmed up before any training session, ideally by playing a light round of fetch of running.
  • Never feed your dog prior to training although treats as rewards are naturally allowed.
  • Fit the train session to suit the dog's age, breed and size.
  • Always have fresh water to hand and give yourself plenty of breaks.
  • Always arrange and close the training session positively to avoid your dog missing out on the fun of this joint activity.
  • Puppies and young dogs still growing should only be trained following the consultation with a vet in order to avoid stunting growth or damaging their health.


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