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Sturdier than it looks

I was impressed that this hoop is sturdier than it looks in the photos online. My three Labs all took to it without hesitation. I started with the hoop at ground level and then lifted it gradually to get them used to it. They all love it. It's straightforward, if a bit fiddly, to raise and lower the bar. Great value for money, I'd say.
29/01/18 | Saoirse
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Purchased this for my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix. She absolutely loved it! Quick delivery, easy assembly and easily stored, as it comes in a green storage bag. Highly recommend!
26/07/11 | Jan
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Agility jumping hoop

I was very impressed with how sturdy and easy to put together this was. A good height to teach a dog new to agility as well. Comes complete with a bag to keep it in when no assembled.
25/03/10 | K.H.
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The hoop's super cool and easy to transport. My dog really loves it and jumps constantly through without any major hiccoughs. Mind you, best to keep an eye on your dog while it's playing with this since the hoop is pretty sturdy but the legs may go through the group. Great product!