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Chewies Antler Natural Dog Chews – Half Antler

Product description

Chewies Antler Natural Dog Chews – Half Antler 4 5
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Product description

These natural chews are antlers which have been shed. They are halved to create a top quality dog chew which is full of nutrients. The mineral-rich chews can help with your dog's dental hygiene.
All dogs love to chew and gnaw on things. It is part of their genetic make-up and they get real pleasure from it. Genuine antlers make good dog chews because they are rich in healthy minerals and nutrients and they are completely natural. Gnawing on a Chewie antler will keep your dog amused for ages and it will also help to keep your dog's teeth clean. It can help to strengthen the teeth, gums and jaws as well as remove plaque. Antlers do not splinter easily so they are ideal for a nice long chew. Dry and wet dog food don't always provide a chance for your dog to chew as much as it likes to so indulge your dog's natural instincts and treat it to a delicious low-fat Chewies Antler dog chew.

Chewies Antler snacks are 100% pure antlers which have been naturally shed or dropped. The antlers are sorted and cut by hand. The natural minerals and nutrients enrich your pet's healthy, balanced diet. The antlers are free from artificial additives such as colour, taste enhancers and softeners.

Chewies Antler Natural Dog Chews - Half at a glance:

  • Top quality antler chews for dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • 100% natural antlers which have been shed
  • Sorted and cut by hand
  • Natural chew fun: Indulge your dog's natural chew tendencies and keep it amused
  • Keeps teeth clean: Durable, non-splintering, cleans and strengthens teeth and gums
  • Low in fat, rich in valuable minerals and nutrients
  • Chewing can help to calm your dog in stressful situations
  • Free from artificial additives such as softener, colour, taste enhancers and chemicals



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