13/03/16 | George
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Possibly better than whole antlers

My cocker spaniel loves these. Whole antlers tend to entertain him for a few days and then it becomes harder for him to chew on them so he sort of stops chewing on them. This is much softer and easier to chew/eat for him. It does not last as long but he much prefers it so the longevity is really no problem. He's been using it daily for over a week now and the antler is still mostly there so I'm quite happy with the value for money.
22/06/14 | C.bloomfield
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This antler is great for your dog as it is a natural source and it will keep them entertained for hours it is great, and no animals were harmed making this
08/06/14 | Zoe
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Great chew!

This chew lasts for a long time, my dog loves it! He's had the whole antler chews before but we found that the top edges became sharp as he chewed to get to the marrow on the inside. This half antler has solved that problem, no sharp edges and gives him something to chew on without him consuming a whole rawhide bone! Great product!
08/06/14 | R. Skye
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Brilliant (if your dog likes them)

These things are great. Firstly, they're sourced responsibly - they are what the deer shed, they are not killed for the antler. The antlers are sturdy, great for powerful chewers, & healthy. Unfortunately, my two dogs lost interest very quickly, by the next day they were ignoring them. Definitely worth trying, hopefully your dog will enjoy them. (p.s these are still chews & need supervision - they, like any other treat, can cause dental problems)