bosch Active Dry Dog Food

: 5/5
Wheat-free dry food for adult dogs with high activity levels. Boasts 30% fresh poultry and green-lipped mussel extract, plus an immune complex with ß-glucans and mannans to support stress resistance....further information
Product description
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
bosch Active Dry Dog Food
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Product description

Wheat-free dry food for adult dogs with high activity levels. Boasts 30% fresh poultry and green-lipped mussel extract, plus an immune complex with ß-glucans and mannans to support stress resistance.

bosch Active Dry Dog Food is the perfect wheat-free diet for active adult dogs with high energy requirements. It contains 30% fresh poultry as a high-quality source of animal protein and has been specially developed to support endurance and performance. The special immune complex contains mannans and beta glucans to help stabilise your dog's gut flora and strengthen their immune system.

Guard dogs, working dogs and other active dogs that participate in sports all require a food with a energy concentration. bosch Active complete dog food is made from specially selected ingredients, which are carefully processed to preserve their delicious taste. For extra peace of mind, the products of animal origin are sourced exclusively from animals fit for human consumption.

A mixture of naturally-occurring tocopherols have been added to bosch dog food to help conserve the delicate yet essential vitamins and fatty acids. You can rest assured that with bosch quality dog foods, you will always be able to find the right nutrition for your dog’s needs.

bosch Active Dry Dog Food at a glance:

  • High-quality complete dry food for active adult dogs
  • Ideal for high-performance dogs: boasts an increased energy concentration to support optimal endurance and performance, vital for working or sporting dogs
  • At least 30% fresh poultry: a high-quality source of animal protein
  • Wheat-free: completely free from wheat and wheat middlings
  • Added immune complex with ß-glucans and mannans: stabilises your dog's gut flora, strengthens the immune system, improves their resistance to stress and promotes general wellbeing
  • Green-lipped mussel extract: naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine to support joint repair, as well as the development and maintenance of healthy joint cartilage
  • Chicory: source of inulin, which can have a prebiotic effect and helps to prevent the spread of pathological bacteria in the gut, thereby supporting good bacteria and contributing to a balanced gut flora
  • Linseeds: rich in omega-3 fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat, as well as mucins to support digestion and relieve allergy symptoms in a natural way
  • Organic zinc compounds (zinc chelate): helps improve the body's ability to utilise zinc, which is important for supple skin and a glossy coat
  • Balanced fatty acid profile: essential for the health of your dog's natural immune system, as well as to support vitality, supple skin and a smooth coat
  • Balanced ratio of different soluble dietary fibres: promotes healthy gut flora and balanced digestion
  • Selected raw ingredients are carefully prepared using a modern manufacturing process to help guarantee digestibility and well-formed stools
  • Vitamin E, vitamin C and the trace element selenium: vital antioxidants that protect the body's cells from metabolic waste products
  • Lecithin and carnitine: serve multiple functions, including supporting the energy and fat metabolism, thereby improving energy efficiency


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Fresh poultry (30%), barley, maize, dried poultry protein, millet, poultry fat, dried pork protein, dried beet pulp (desugared), protein hydrolysate, linseeds, fish meal, dried peas, fish oil, dried yeast (incl. 0.1% mannan oligosaccharides, 0.06% β-glucans), sodium chloride, green-lipped mussel extract (0.1%), potassium chloride, dried chicory.

Additives (per kg):
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (12,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1200 IU), vitamin E (70mg), vitamin B1 (10mg), vitamin B2 (10mg), vitamin B6 (6mg), vitamin B12 (30mcg), biotin (250mcg), pantothenic acid (20mg), niacin (40mg), folic acid (2mg), vitamin C (70mg), cholin chloride (1650mg), L-carnitine (200mg), iron (170mg), zinc [zinc oxide] (70mg), zinc [zinc chelate of amino acids, hydrate] (75mg), copper [copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrate] (10mg), manganese (10mg), iodine [calcium iodate, anhydrous] (2mg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.2mg).
Technological additives:

Analytical constituents

protein25.0 %
fat16.0 %
fibre2.5 %
ash6.6 %
calcium1.25 %
phosphorus1.0 %
magnesium0.12 %
potassium0.5 %
sodium0.25 %
calories that can be burned16.26 MJ/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendations:


Dog's weight Daily feeding amount
2.5-5kg 50-85g
5-7.5kg 85-115g
7.5-10kg 115-145g
10-12.5kg 145-170g
12.5-15kg 170-195g
15-17.5kg 195-215g
17.5-20kg 215-240g
20-25kg 240-285g
25-30kg 285-325g
30-35kg 325-365g
35-40kg 365-405g
40-45kg 405-440g
45-50kg 440-475g
50-60kg 480-545g
60-70kg 550-615g
70-80kg 615-680g

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Tasty and my wife's purse is happy
My dog (a 2 year old American-Stafford male) is not sooooo fussy with eating but he will not just eat anything. With Bosch, we have had the best experiences. Fur itching has stopped very quickly and we will remain with Bosch, as we have since the trial period.
: 5/5
Dog food
My very active 4 year old Gordon Setter accepts this food really well
: 4/5
Super food
I've known Bosch for a long time, and I've come across something else to keep me here. It is really good. My bitch has a much softer coat now and we continually hear "oh she's so soft, what do you feed her?". In addition, the ingredients tell me everything. It seems to fluctuate in taste, sometimes she dives right in and other times turns her nose up. But tastes are certainly difficult :)
: 5/5
Very satisifed
Top food, fur gleams, all three dogs love it. Great
: 4/5
So far very satisfied! Slightly higher intake
We have changed our Husky from Platinum (for cost reasons and bad acceptance - otherwise a super food). The analytical components are similar and therefore suitable for an active dog that moves a lot. Unfortunately barley and maize are included, but no wheat. So far everything is completely problem-free! The intake is clearly better - he eats almost immediately and without the need for wet food as he has before - and his acceptance is so far very good.
: 5/5
Finally an accepted food for very active dogs
I have been feeding my hunting English Setter this for a year now. From the beginning, he has been a dog with sensitive stomach and very high energy conversion, so it has been difficult to find a suitable food. Bosch Active is well tolerated and can help maintain or even increase its weight, which is very important during hunting season as the colder it is the more energy my dog uses.
24/09/16|Claudia Smith
: 4/5
Good food
Just bought this for my 3 year old Shepherd . He is a very active boy and loves his food.He like the new kibble but it is very dry and that increases his water intake. Will change him to the semi moist range when this one runs out. Till then I mix it with water.
Originally published in
30/07/13|F. Amodei
: 5/5
Great quality at the right price
this is the best quality food for this price range, did lots of research before buying it, my dogs ate Royal canin food for the first year, then I decided to switch to some less expensive food but without sacrificing quality. It's been more than a year I've been using this and find it no less than on par with Royal canin for medium sized dogs... Hair and skin are ok, teeth ok, the dogs are pretty lively and run all day long. The vet says they are in perfect shape too.
Originally published in
31/08/12|Debbie Cooper
: 5/5
I bought this food for my black lab, having read the review written previously. He is a very active and fit dog - he was having James Wellbeloved but unfortunately I just couldn't justify the cost. I decided to give this a trial and have not looked back! He is fit, well muscled, his coat is shiny and smooth, his teeth remain clean, he enjoys the food (or seems to!) and all this at a really reasonable price, even delivered to my door by Zooplus. All in all a really excellent product and service, I am very happy! Debbie and Blue.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Excellent winter food
Hi great food for my 2 German Shepherds who stay in outside runs for much of the day. It keeps the weight on them over the winter so Im re-starting them on it now, they have excellent coats and good energy levels. Try it and see for yourself.
Originally published in