19/03/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Super food

I've known Bosch for a long time, and I've come across something else to keep me here. It is really good. My bitch has a much softer coat now and we continually hear "oh she's so soft, what do you feed her?". In addition, the ingredients tell me everything. It seems to fluctuate in taste, sometimes she dives right in and other times turns her nose up. But tastes are certainly difficult :)
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So far very satisfied! Slightly higher intake

We have changed our Husky from Platinum (for cost reasons and bad acceptance - otherwise a super food). The analytical components are similar and therefore suitable for an active dog that moves a lot. Unfortunately barley and maize are included, but no wheat. So far everything is completely problem-free! The intake is clearly better - he eats almost immediately and without the need for wet food as he has before - and his acceptance is so far very good.
24/09/16 | Claudia Smith
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Good food

Just bought this for my 3 year old Shepherd . He is a very active boy and loves his food.He like the new kibble but it is very dry and that increases his water intake. Will change him to the semi moist range when this one runs out. Till then I mix it with water.