Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food

: 5/5
A tasty, hypoallergenic whole food kibble for sensitive dogs. It does not contain any allergenic substances or grain so it is ideal for less active dogs with allergies or a sensitive digestion....further information
Product description
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 Dog Food
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Product description

A tasty, hypoallergenic whole food kibble for sensitive dogs. It does not contain any allergenic substances or grain so it is ideal for less active dogs with allergies or a sensitive digestion.

Feeding your dog Lupo Sensitive 20/8 is a great way to reduce food problems. Some dogs are very sensitive to all sorts of ingredients so it is important that your dog eats a dog food which provides all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, yet does not contain anything which might provoke an allergic reaction, digestive issues or skin and fur problems. It is not always individual ingredients which cause a reaction, but rather the way they have been processed which can cause denaturisation. It is important that the ingredients in food for hypersensitive dogs are absolutely pure because even the faintest trace of allergenic substances can cause a severe reaction.

Lupo Sensitive 20/8 dog food is suitable for

  • Normal to less active dogs
  • Dogs which need to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight
  • Older dogs over 6 years
  • Dogs with nutrition-related metabolism problems
  • Ideal for many dogs with allergies
It contains only a single source of protein – pure chicken:
Pure chicken meat:
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 dog food contains only 100% pure chicken meat from barn-reared chickens which have not been fed genetically modified feed or growth promoters. This is regularly tested and confirmed by independent laboratories.

Gluten-free – guaranteed grain-free:
The gluten content in grain such as rye, wheat and barley can often cause allergic reactions which is why Lupo Sensitive uses low-allergenic potato flour as a carbohydrate carrier.

LupoZell® helps to keep your dog fit and healthy:
LupoZell is a special blend of milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, dried moor extract and cold-pressed flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil. Milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, chicory and dried moor extract promote healthy liver and intestines. Flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil provide essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin and fur.

Icepressed® to preserve essential nutrients:
Icepressed® is a proprietary technology which processes ingredients so that they retain their nutritional value. Thermal denaturation or even gelatinisation of individual products is virtually impossible. It also allows secondary phytonutrients to be fully effective.

Lupo Sensitive is whole food dog food, made only from carefully selected ingredients. It contains only meat from local breeders.

Lupo Sensitive does not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring or attractants. Nor does it contain pork, superheated oils, animal meal, industrial kitchen waste, bread, sugar, soya or milk products.

Lupo Sensitive is grain-free. It does not contain ingredients such as wheat, barley, rye and oats, the gluten content of which can cause allergic reactions in dogs.

Lupo Sensitive is made with easy to digest potato flour, which is well tolerated, even with pre-existing allergies.

Lupo Sensitive is gently processed using a cold water compression method. This helps to retain the efficiency of the vitamins, proteins, animal fats and vegetable oils. The kibble is the perfect shape for your dog to chew and formed at a maximum temperature of 48° which makes it easy to digest.

Lupo Sensitive 20/8 contains all the right ingredients to keep your dog healthy, even if your dog has complicated issues. This food will help your dog to maintain a healthy weight and keep your pet in great condition with lots of stamina, strong bones and teeth, and lean muscles.


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Potato flour 36%, dried chicken meat (ground) 29%, parsnips (dried, ground), beet pulp, milk thistle 5%, cold-pressed blended vegetable oil 4.5% (linseed, rapeseed, borage oil), seaweed meal, salmon oil 1.5%, dried moor extract 1.5%, dried chicory 1.5%, mineral clay 1%, dried nettle leaves 1%, dried dandelion leaves 1%, yucca schidigera.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (10,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1,000 IU/kg), vitamin E (200 mg/kg), vitamin B1 as thiamine mononitrate(4.0 mg/kg), vitamin B2 as riboflavin (8.0 mg / kg), vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (4.8 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (48 mcg/kg), biotin as D-(+)-biotin (252 mcg/kg), folic acid (0.40 mg/kg) , niacin (24.1 mg/kg), pantothenic acid as calcium D-pantothenate (8.0 mg/kg), vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid (140 mg/kg), choline chloride (1.200 mg/kg), iron (180 mg/kg), cobalt (1.2 mg/kg).

Trace elements:
Manganese as manganese (II) oxide (48 mg/kg), copper as copper (II) oxide (10 mg/kg), zinc as zinc oxide (65 mg/kg), iodine as calcium iodate (1.6 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein20.0 %
fat8.0 %
fibre3.5 %
ash7.5 %
calcium1.2 %
phosphorus0.8 %
magnesium0.15 %
sodium0.36 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation
Lupo Sensitive 20/8 is a complete dog food.

The recommended amount of food per day should be approx. 1.2% of the body weight of an adult dog.* The recommended feeding amounts are only guidelines and should be adapted to suit the individual needs of your pet to ensure that it maintains an ideal body weight. Please make sure that your dog always has fresh water available.

*The recommended amount of food per day for young dogs can be up to 2.5% of its body weight.


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: 4/5
Almost Great
Been feeding my two dogs this food for a couple of years and am very happy with it, however as I got near the bottom of the bag I found a piece of food with a chunk of wood in it which is off putting. Hopefully a once off. I would like to add a photo but I cannot see how.
: 5/5
Never a scrap left
Tried this thanks to a sample pack. Our Labradoodle is sensitive and his regular premium dry food seemed to change the coating meaning he wasn’t always keen to eat it. First time trying Lupo he loved it. It’s dense and gives a good crunch. Nowhere near the dust generated in the bottom of the bag, and smells pretty good too. Bags are smaller too as the pellets are so heavy. Just be careful on the amount, would be easy to overfeed. On my 4th bag now and can’t see us changing back.
Originally published in
: 5/5
We've just reached the end of our second bag - the food is fantastic value and 15kg lasts for months (I have a small border terrier). There really is no comparison between this and the foods available in the supermarket. You need to control the portion sizes because it's far denser than the oven baked biscuit-type kibbles. It's quite easy to make the mistake of over feeding which will probably result in an upset stomach! Some people have complained that the nuggets are too big for small dogs, but our terrier has no problem getting her teeth around it!!
Originally published in
: 5/5
good quality food
I fed this to my 4 very fussy JRTs. It does look strange but as smell is more important to them it didn't stop them trying it. They do eat it, although I can't say they are in love with it (but I've yet to find a dry food they do adore) and there are some dried foods they won't touch. However I did find that after a few weeks on this diet they did develop incredibly glossy coats. No digestive problems and plenty of energy for my very active dogs. Overall I found it a good quality feed, and would recommend it
: 5/5
Quality reflected in my dogs health
I first bought this as I wanted to feed my dog a better food, without all the rubbish contained in many high street brands. My dog also suffers with allergies so this seemed the perfect choice. I have a larger dog so I don't have any issues with the size of the kibble, and with a empty dish everytime, even after a year, I am more than happy with the product. We now don't have any problems with her allergies. Her coat looks so much better and I am sure it down to the better quality, natural ingredients.
: 5/5
Excellent food
After adopting another dog 18 months ago, he struggled with our old dog food, random sickness and runny poo afterwards. After reading on a website about good dog food, I quickly changed to Lupo 24/10 after reading about its nutrients and after six months of use, both our dogs are loving the food and seem much healthier. Zooplus makes it easy to get hold of as well and it's delivered for free rather than lugging it home from the supermarket!
Originally published in
26/03/15|Charlotte and Hooch
: 5/5
Great food.
My labrador x DDB loves this food. It's compact so it doesn't look like you're giving them a lot. My advice would be to weigh it so you're not over or under feeding. Hooch is 50kg but the bag lasts us a month so it's great value compared to another brand he was on before. The pieces are large but it means he actually has to chew!
Originally published in
08/10/14|wendy jolley
: 5/5
Tried both Lupo dog foods and still getting empty bowls after 5 months! BRILLIANT
We originally had my dogs on the Lupo 24/10 which my dogs loved, i found it harder to get my Puggle to lose weight so i chose the lower protein option and it definitely makes a difference. It looks no different, smells no different and judging my my dogs food bowls - tastes the same. I take some out on our walks as i don`t want my dogs eating most other dog treats. Quality is more important than quantity. Recently we tried the Rocco buffalo treats - again they loved them. Loving finding all the quality foods on this site.
Originally published in
24/09/14|wendy jolley
: 5/5
Still getting empty bowls after 4 months! BRILLIANT.
I`ve had my dogs on this and previously Lupo 28/10. Both look the same, smell the same and judging by my dogs bowls, taste the same which is important. I disagree this is a hard dog food. It looks hard but put a piece in between 2 fingers and it easily breaks. Now you try that with your regular dog kibble! I doubt very much you`d be able to. Try comparing a piece of this in water to your regular dog food. This dissolves in water and your dog food probably will just swell up loike a sponge. I feed my 3 dogs on this. 1 is a very big & solid 53 kilo Rhodesian Ridgeback, 1 is a 8 kilo Puggle and the other is a Patterdale cross JR at 6 kilos. All 3 have NEVER left any food or have had any trouble eating this. On my dog walks i have suggested this quality dog food. One lady has bought it for her dogs, one being fussy, and they too empty their bowls. The bag has some larger pieces and some broken down pieces, i`d suggest however for tiny dogs like a Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier they just need it to be broken a bit more. Try it and you`ll see for yourselves. I read about this food on - Read up on there about this quality and vets reviews and then compare it to the brand you use on there. You will be astonished what crap ingredients you are giving your pets.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Very Impressed!
My dogs eat this food with obvious enjoyment, have plenty of energy and their coats are in excellent condition. I think it will be good for their teeth too as they are chewing the food properly. Stools are smaller and only once or twice daily. I think Lupo Sensitive is a very reasonably priced, good quality food.
Originally published in
: 3/5
great for sensitive dogs but large pieces
My lhasa has allergies to beef rice and duck, this food has none of that. His stools are now solid and regular thanks to lupo. His skin rash is gone and he's no longer nawing at his paws. My only negative comment is the kibble size, its quite large. It takes my dog a little while to chew the very hard pieces.