LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder

: 4/5
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder is a dietary supplement to strengthen joints and bones, with 20% of highly effective mussel extract and other valuable vitamins, in a powder...further information
Product description
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder
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Product description

LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder is a dietary supplement to strengthen joints and bones, with 20% of highly effective mussel extract and other valuable vitamins, in a powder

LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder for dogs has been developed with the aim of stabilising connective tissue and contains 20% mussel extract from the Perna Canaliculus in New Zealand, glycosaminoglycans and omega 3 fatty acids to renew, care for and protect cartilage and synovial fluid.
The mussel extract in LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder stimulates the development of cartilage and can prevent cartilage abnormalities and/or unnatural wear and tear.
The high amount of glycosaminoglycan and other vital substances help connective tissue like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, spinal discs and synovia to regenerate and become stable. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the joints and present the development and onset of arthritis.
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder is a 100% pure active complex developed for the targeted development and strengthening of connective tissue.

LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder at a glance:

  • High mussel extract content to protect and strengthen tendons, ligaments, cartilage and spinal discs (20%)
  • Grape seed extract and vitamin C from the acerola cherry for a perfect joint, and chondrocyte protection
  • Gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from evening primrose and wild salmon to aid in inflammatory joint problems
  • In powder form
Causes for the use of LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder:
  • With old age, joints may come under uneven pressure, which can lead to inflammation, excessive one-sided stress and wear of the cartilage.
  • Following injury: Broken bones (located next to joints) may put pressure on joints due to pain or mechanical restriction from bars, plates or bands or it could be that the cartilage has also been damaged.
  • Large breed puppies can suffer problems as a result of rapid growth and an unbalanced diet can lead to problems with cartilage. Even as puppies, signs of pain and limited movement can develop.
  • Breed specific: Certain breeds are prone to limb issues with uneven pressure on joints. Targeted dietary supplements may prevent such problems. LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder can also be administered for the optimal development of ear cartilage for puppies with pricked ears.
  • LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder optimally supports pregnant bitches in the third and final trimester with the formation of connective tissue in fetuses and supplies the mother with essential vital substances.
  • Sporty and working dogs also put more stress on their joints than normal cartilage without a dietary supplement could possible handle.
LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder supports exercise, vitality and motivation. Optimale diet + exercise = healthy joints.

If you have problems with the administering of this powder, you could try Luposan Joint Power Pellets with 30% mussel extract or Luposan Joint Power Tablets with 40% mussel extract.


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Mussel meat extract (Perna Canaliculus) (20%), seaweed meal, ground malt mixture, dried gelatin, dried yeast, diatomaceous earth, dried horsetail

Nutritional additives
Amino acids, their salts and derivatives
DL-methionine (1.7%)

Analytical constituents

protein31.0 %
fat4.3 %
fibre2.5 %
ash19.0 %

Feeding guide

LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder is a supplement for dogs.

up to 10 kg: 1/4 measuring spoon per day
up to 20 kg: 1/2 measuring spoon per day
up to 30 kg: 3/4 measuring spoon per day
over 30 kg: 1 measuring spoon per day
over 70 kg: 2 measuring spoon per day
(1 measuring spoon = 12 g)

If necessary the suggested dose can be doubled.


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LUPOSAN Joint 20 Powder

Latest user reviews

23/03/22|Jane McDonnell
: 3/5
Fantastic product, terrible packaging
This supplement is amazing, It really helps my dog's joints. However twice it has been shipped to me in a damaged state with over half of the tub lost!
: 5/5
Fantastic for senior dogs!!
My Dachshund is 11 and his joints were getting very stiff, I have had him on this a week and already see the improvement it has on him!
: 5/5
Wonder product
I bought this as my 4yr old French Bulldog had disc surgery and was very lame on his back legs ... he is on this product 4mts and it is amazing . He has improved so much and I would definitely recommend it ... it has given him a much needed boost and although he is still a little weak on one leg he has improved more than we ever thought possible . I also gave it to my 9yr old Jackrussel and although she has no health problems she looks much better on it ...
: 5/5
I'm convinced!
Our pup had started to limp sometimes after a walk so I bought Luposan in order to try and build his muscles. We have now been using it for 6 weeks and the difference is amazing. We let him off lead for the first time since starting using the 'Lupo', last night and he was racing around at high speed with no discomfort. we give him it wrapped in a slice of ham and it's his morning treat! Maybe not everyone has the same results but we are impressed!
Originally published in
: 5/5
Really good product
My small dog has Patella Luxation and I am feeding Luposan Joint Power Original for a year now. It's a great product to feed as a supplement. Would recomend it to anyone who has a dog with any kind of joint problem.
: 5/5
bad joints turned good
my friends 10 year german sheperd has a whole load of joint problems but after putting lupo in her food it has improved her quality of life to no end :-)
Originally published in
: 5/5
so much better after only a few weeks
Our 11 months old Rottweiler/GSD grew too fast. The result: low bone density and major problems with the shoulders and ellbows. He was limping for a few months until a scan showed what the problem was. He was on very strong tablets without any significant improvement. After 2 weeks on Luposan we could see a big improvement and today, after 35 days, he is not limping at all and running and playing with our other dogs. From the first day we started feeding him Luposan he did NOT get any painkillers or anti - inflammatories. We will switch to the Luposan Joint Power tablets now because of his weight. He is a big dog and needs 2 big scoops of powder a day. I find it easier to give him the tablets instead. Highly recommended
: 5/5
Fit Again!
Our 11 old labrador was moving very slow and was obviously uncomfortable. After two weeks she was visibly better. Now she is on Luposan for several months and she runs like a young dog again! We are very happy to see her like that!
: 1/5
Yeast infection
My German Shepherd developed a yeast infection two days after I started giving it. He got a very nasty rash. It would appear he is allergic to yeast. I was dissapointed as the other reviews were so positive. This product is most likely very good, but beware if you have an animal with skin allergies, as the yeast in the ingredients can often cause the problems.
: 5/5
I 7 yr old rottweiler had major problems with her hind legs until recently when we started feeding her Luposan and since then she's seemed so much happier. Its really nice to see her like this again.
: 5/5
he can run again!
Benno, my German Shepherd (9 yrs old) has had problems with his hips for around 2 years. We had to go for shorter and shorter walks and running clearly caused him pain. A mate recommended Luposan and within only a short while he was noticeably better. He even runs again. I just wish I knew about it earlier!