Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil

: 5/5
Pure salmon oil for dogs and cats, with a high content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help support natural skin function and a glossy coat, as well as supporting natural body defences....further information
Product description
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil
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Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil

- 100ml

€84.90 / l

Product description

Pure salmon oil for dogs and cats, with a high content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help support natural skin function and a glossy coat, as well as supporting natural body defences.

A delicious supplementary food that can help provide your dog or cat with beneficial nutrients, this Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil is an appetite-boosting topping that can be served with your pet's daily food to help support wellbeing.
This high-quality supplement is made of pure salmon oil and offers various unsaturated omega fatty acids. This can help to support natural skin fucntion and promote smooth, glossy coat. Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil can also help to support a healthy immune system and is suitable for offering your pet a nutrient-boost if it is recovering or during the colder months.

Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil at a glance:

  • Supplementary food for dogs and cats
  • Ideal for pregnant pets
  • Pure salmon oil: particularly high content of beneficial unsaturated omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Grain free: can also be fed to dogs with allergies or food intolerances
  • Skin and coat: promotes a smooth, glossy coat and healthy skin function
  • Immune-boosting effect: to support a healthy immune system and bodily defences
  • Nutrient-rich: provides EPA and DHA, essential for many vital bodily functions such as joint metabolism
  • Appetite-boosting: suitable as a tasty supplement for fussy dogs or cats and those with appetite loss
  • In practical pump bottle: to evenly distribute over your pet's food


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Salmon oil, natural antioxidants.

Additives per kg:
According to the manufacturer this product contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

fat99.0 %
omega-3 fats14.0 %
omega-6 fats13.0 %
eicosapentaenoic acid4.6 %
docosahexaenoic acid5.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Nutrivet Inne Salmon Oil is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

Dog's Weight Pumps Teaspoon
5kg 2 1
10kg 3.5 1.5
15kg 5 2
20kg 6 2.5
25kg 7.5 3
30kg 8.5 3.5
35kg 9.5 4
40kg 10.5 4
45kg 11.5 4.5
50kg 12.5 5


Cat's Weight Pumps Teaspoon
2kg 1 0.5
4kg 1.5 0.5
6kg 2 1
8kg 3 1
10kg 3.5 1.5


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: 5/5
No more flakey skin
I have a border collie puppy who didn't get the best start in life - she came to us with itchy flaky skin and a poor dry coat. She's been getting this oil with her breakfast every morning since we've had her and her skin and coat have improved so much! She's also had very minimal shedding and gobbles down her food every morning! I plan to buy more!
: 5/5
Great supplement
I’ve been using this supplement for over 2 years and it’s amazing for my dog who is prone to allergies, his fur is beautiful and shiny also it’s great as a healthy topper for kibble for picky dogs.
: 5/5
Life Saver
My cat has skin allergies and is prone to dry patches etc. It was costing me a fortune in vet visits. Had him on salmon oil for the last year and it's made a HUGE difference to his coat and to my wallet! (Far less vet visits) I really like the nutrivet salmon oil because the pump is SUPER handy. Much less messy than measuring with a spoon. The size is also good value for money.
14/08/22|Garrett Kennedy
: 5/5
Salmon oil for dogs
Can't recommend this product highly enough. Keeps the coat really healthy and has our seven year old looking like a two year old. Combined with a salmon and rice dry food.
: 5/5
Absolutely fantastic
I have been using this oil for my French Bulldog puppy and he LOVES it. It also made his coat more shine more. Great product
: 5/5
Good choice.
I'm using this oil already 5 years... My staffie girl getting everyday sins she was a little puppy... Also we get 2 years ago border collie and same story, oil everyday sins 1st day in my house. They both healthy with beautiful shiny coat. I never had any trouble with packaging.
24/03/21|Marcin Wardas
: 1/5
Product fine - Poor Shipping Packing
First time I bought this product it was all fine. Arrived in the bottle with proper screw cap and the pump separated from the bottle. Second order shipped in the plastic zip bag with the pump fitted on the bottle and minor leaks detected inside the bag. Third time - disaster. Again bottle with pump fitted on the bottle thrown without any protection in the box with wet food cans and it arrived near empty with broken pump and oil spilled in the box
: 5/5
Excellent product
My cat hates this but my dogs love it..i could not believe how shiny my dogs coats have gone after 4 weeks of using it .one of my dogs who is a heavy shedder all year round only sheds half the amount of hair now.i presume it has got to do with this product
: 5/5
My border collie had problems with coat, she was shedding and her coat looked awful and full with dandruff. I could see results after first week, after 3 weeks it already looked more amazing than ever. Now she has the most gorgeous coat - so thick and shiny, although she is a senior (11 years old). Recommend for everyone.
: 1/5
Gives both of my dogs diarrhea and gas. Has happened several times so it's not just a coincidence.
Translated from by zooplus
: 5/5
Love it
I bought this for my golden retriever who is such a fussy eater. He loves his food but after a few weeks he isn't interested which resulted in changing his brand of food many times. Since buying this my ralph doesn't leave the bowl unfinished. The benefits of the oil are also fantastic he has such a nice coat. Wouldn't be with it.
: 5/5
No More Dry Flaky Skin
My cat is 11 years old and his black coat was looking very dull, grey and he had incredibly flaky skin. Within a week of adding this salmon oil in with his good I started to notice massive improvement. He now has the most amazing shiny black coat with no flakes of skin. My cat looks half his age now.
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30/11/18|Liz Coles
: 5/5
Great product but poor dispenser
I've been giving this to my dog for a couple of years and think it is great. But the new spray dispenser is rubbish. Hardly anything comes out yet the dosage guidelines have stayed the same - how can that be? Luckily I was able to swap it for the pump from my last bottle. Please change it back.
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: 4/5
Great product. Terrible new spray dispenser
I have been using this for some time. A great product with an awful new spray dispenser. The old pump dispenser was perfect. The new spray is useless - hard to use inconsistent with amount, sprays everywhere. Obviously Nutrivet have not tested this dispenser.
: 4/5
Agree with others - Bring back the pump!
Love this oil - it encourages my picky Yorkie to eat her dinner and I think it's helping my not-so-picky Cavapoo with joint aches. And after all, I take fish oil for my health so why shouldn't my pets? BUT I agree with all the other reviewers that the new spray is useless, so I had to deduct 1 star. Please bring back the old pump! It made dispensing the oil so much easier and was the reason I bought this oil rather than other brands.
21/10/18|Karen Roberts
: 4/5
Good product - Bad dispenser!
Have been ordering this product for a while now and its great. Only gripe is the dispenser has changed from a pump to a spray. The new spray mechanism is poor and little comes out of the bottle. Please, please consider going back to the pump!. thank you
Originally published in
: 3/5
Great oil, but why replace the pump...?
I've been using this product daily for nearly two years and have always been satisfied with the health benefits it brings my WH Vizsla. But, why on earth change the proven metered pump delivery for a fine spray nozzle which randomly sends oil all over the place...?
Originally published in
: 1/5
No discrimination on EPA and DHA
Very sad here is no mentioned ammounts of EPA and DHA in product. For cats EPA is very important. Not buying anymore. Description of the product has to be presented with numbers for EPA and DHA
: 5/5
The ONLY thing I've tried that works!
I've got a rescued street dog - a husky cross whose coat and skin have always been very dry flaky and brittle. He's fed a wonderful diet and no expense is spared on my boy. I've tried countless oils and supplements and this is the ONLY thing I've found that made any difference. I've been using it now for 4 weeks and the difference is amazing. His coat is shining and skin flakiness notably less. This will now be a permanent part of his diet - please please don't stop making this product!
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: 4/5
Great product shame its changed from pump to spray
Very good product my two dogs loves it. They have really shiney coats and it help with one of them arthritis. Disappointed that they it now comes with a spray head as it leaks during transport and useage before it was delivered with bottle top and came with pump placed inside a sealed bag. Pump easier to use and less messy.
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