GRAU Stress Tablets

120 tablets
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Anti-stress tablets for dogs from GRAU can help to prevent nervousness and calm dogs down naturally without making them drowsy. These tablets can be administered long-term. No dangerous side-effects...further information
Product description
GRAU Stress Tablets
GRAU Stress Tablets
GRAU Stress Tablets
GRAU Stress Tablets
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Product description

Anti-stress tablets for dogs from GRAU can help to prevent nervousness and calm dogs down naturally without making them drowsy. These tablets can be administered long-term. No dangerous side-effects

GRAU Stress tablets can be used in stressful situations when your dog becomes nervous or aggressive. The pills can help reduce anxiety and calm down your pet without making it drowsy. The pills contain two different plant extracts, both of which have calming properties. Withania Somnifera (winter cherries) can prevent your dog from feeling anxious and can help your dog feel relaxed at short notice. Valerian ensures long-term relaxation. The tablets also contain a vitamin B complex, which can have a positive effect on the nervous system. Magnesium helps prevents muscle cramping which can be caused by stress. After approx. 5 days of administering the tablets to your pet you should notice that it is calmer and less fearful. These anti-stress tablets are not addictive and safe to use over longer periods of time. Give your dog GRAU Stress to help it feel less nervous and frightened without making it drowsy.

GRAU Stress Tablets for use during:

  • Stressful situations like the vets, dog shows and large crowds
  • Trips
  • Car journeys
  • Bouts of nervousness e.g. following an operation, accident or dog fight
  • An impulse to be destructive (if your dog is alone)
  • A change of location
  • Aggression
  • Extreme anxiety for example on Bonfire Night or at New Year
  • Getting used to another pet in the home
GRAU Stress tablets are made with high quality, natural ingredients. Help your dog to stay calm in stressful situations with these natural, great-tasting tablets.


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Maltodextrin, cellulose, yeast, starch (potato), winter cherries (withania somnifera), valerian, lupine, rosemary, tri-calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, sodium glycolate, silicon dioxide.

Additives per tablet:
Nutritional dietary additives:
Vitamin B6 166 mg (110mcg), folic acid 30mg (20mcg).

Technological additive:
Antioxidants: Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils.

Analytical constituents

protein3.8 %
fat1.7 %
fibre6.8 %
ash21.0 %
calcium1.8 %
phosphorus1.0 %
magnesium7.5 %
moisture3.5 %
sodium0.01 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
GRAU Stress Tablets is a dietary supplement for dogs.

1 tablet per 5kg of body weight, give before a meal or mix into food.
For preventative use, e.g. for a journey, start administering the normal dosage 5 days prior.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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GRAU Stress Tablets

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: 5/5
These work!
My collie cross was an anxious girl when meeting new dogs and quite aggressive towards overly "friendly" small dogs. Although she's still unhappy with dogs approaching her too quickly, she is much more chilled and I can take her to places she would have hated and panicked at in the past.
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29/11/14|Annabel B
: 5/5
I was sceptical but ....
Our little dachshund is 3 yrs,we bought her from where she was one of twenty three other dogs and never been out on a lead for a walk. As a result she was very shy and extremely anxious, wouldn't set foot outside the door.Since taking these tablets she looks forward to a walk, and does not freeze because a leaf rustles on the pavement.When we tried to reduce her daily tablet to every other day, her old anxieties resurfaced proving the positive effects these tablets have.
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: 5/5
Our rescue collie is the middle dog of three collies. He was very nervous and hyper-active, constantly barking at everything. He used to become fixated on things, especially the rabbit !! Since I introduced him to these tablets, over the months, the change is quite remarkable. He doesn't bark so much, the rabbit is just stared at and not barked at. He still has issues but we just love him. We are his third and last owners - he is in his forever home now....x
Originally published in
19/10/11|Christine Spencer
: 5/5
anti stress
This has shown a marked improvement in my 2yr old dog. especially with loud bangs due to fireworks
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