23/09/16 | Katy
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These work!

My collie cross was an anxious girl when meeting new dogs and quite aggressive towards overly "friendly" small dogs. Although she's still unhappy with dogs approaching her too quickly, she is much more chilled and I can take her to places she would have hated and panicked at in the past.
29/11/14 | Annabel B
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I was sceptical but ....

Our little dachshund is 3 yrs,we bought her from where she was one of twenty three other dogs and never been out on a lead for a walk. As a result she was very shy and extremely anxious, wouldn't set foot outside the door.Since taking these tablets she looks forward to a walk, and does not freeze because a leaf rustles on the pavement.When we tried to reduce her daily tablet to every other day, her old anxieties resurfaced proving the positive effects these tablets have.
20/05/13 | Melody
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Our rescue collie is the middle dog of three collies. He was very nervous and hyper-active, constantly barking at everything. He used to become fixated on things, especially the rabbit !! Since I introduced him to these tablets, over the months, the change is quite remarkable. He doesn't bark so much, the rabbit is just stared at and not barked at. He still has issues but we just love him. We are his third and last owners - he is in his forever home now....x
19/10/11 | Christine Spencer
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anti stress

This has shown a marked improvement in my 2yr old dog. especially with loud bangs due to fireworks