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Chipsi Carefresh Forest Green Pet Bedding

Product description

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Product description

Green pet bedding for small pets that recreates forest undergrowth. Made from 100% bio-degradable cellulose flakes that are warm, soft, and dry. Very hygienic and almost entirely dust-free.
Chipsi Carefresh Forest Green Pet Bedding is a great way to bring the lush green of the forest into your cage. The cellulose flakes are made from all natural plant fibres that are 100% bio-degradable. The flakes are soft and gentle to your pet's paws to prevent any injuries.

The flakes also give off a cozy warmth that encourages making nests and building tunnels to keep your pets happy and busy. They also have superior absorption compared to regular wood chips to help keep the cage dry and hygienic. The pet bedding is almost entirely dust-free to make cleaning the cage easier. The rich green colour provides a natural look and feel in the cage. 

Chipsi Carefresh Forest Green Pet Bedding at a glance:
  • Green pet bedding for small pets
  • Great for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice, ferrets, degus etc.
  • Cellulose flakes with a 'field and forest' look: all natural green cellulose flakes made from plant fibres
  • Soft and supple: gentle to sensitive paws, prevents injuries
  • Give off cozy warmth: perfect for making nests and tunnels
  • Dry and absorptive: superior absorption to wood chips to keep the cage clean and hygienic
  • Stimulating: green flakes encourage digging and playing
  • Hygienic: almost completely dust-free to make cleaning the cage quick and easy
  • 100% bio-degradable: all natural, environmentally friendly material without resin or lignine 
  • Pleasant paper scent


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