Gerbil Enrichment

Life in captivity can be dull for small pets. Here are some great ideas for ways to add some interest to their lives.
5 products
5 products

Bridge made from natural wood, with a flexible wire that allows it to be adapted into any shape. It is ideal for climbing and playing, with four metal hooks for stable attachment.

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size: 55 x 7 cm
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Individually adjustable steps suitable for all small pets, made of untreated natural wood

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size: 38 x 24 cm
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A tunnel made out of natural willow, suitable for small pets. An ideal place to play games, hide in or nibble at. Available in 2 sizes.

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Ø 10 x 25 cm
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Ø 20 x 38 cm
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This exercise wheel made from untreated wood is quiet & smooth-running thanks to ball bearings and a cork running surface. This is also kind to vertebrae and joints, a safe option for your small pets.

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diameter 21cm
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diameter 28cm
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diameter 33cm
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Hanging bridge made of natural wood, with lots of features for climbing, playing and chewing

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size: 27 x 7 x 17 cm (L x W x H)