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Care & Grooming for your Gerbils

Here you'll find everything that's important for the right care and grooming of your gerbil. From ears, through fur and skin, to the claws - every part of your pet will be clean and cared for!
    4 products
    4 products

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    Extra large bath house for parrots & large parakeets to hang up inside or outside of your cage, adjustable perch sizes, also suitable as a bathtub for chinchillas and degus.

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    size: 38 x 24 x 28 cm
    Was €30.99 Now€21.99

    Care & Grooming

    Practical bath house for chinchillas and other rodents, essential for daily care of their coat, relieving stress, a must-have for every chinchilla cage

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    Light blue
    Was €7.99 Now€6.99

    Refresh'r antibacterial household spray, keeps your home smelling fresh and 99.9% free from germs, tackles stains from sick, urine and stool. Also suitable for cleaning cat litter trays.

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    Was €5.99 Now€4.99 €9.98 / l

    A microbiological cleaner for natural and effective stain and odour removal. Long-lasting and efficient. Harmless for people, pets and the environment.

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    Was €14.99 Now€12.49 €16.65 / l
    1 Litre Concentrate
    Was €18.49 Now€15.49 €15.49 / l

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