07/07/12 | Claire Barker
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Top Quality Food

This food is the best in my opinion, better than the labels that Almo Nature have brought out. My cats like the chicken and the tuna and sometimes the chicken and egg. Really fine food, you can see what you are feeding your cat and they show their appreciation with a clean plate and a really good wash!
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Loves it

Our cats a bit fussy with his wet food but he loves this food in the chicken flavour so going to try some of the others now. Decent quality food for a good price.
13/01/12 | Aga
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If I don't have chicken and cheese in cat's cupboard I'm in trouble! It's my cat's favorite food, EVER! :)
02/12/11 | Patricia
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Only food my cat will eat

This is a really quality food, all tuna and good value
16/06/11 | Claire Barker
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Really Good Food

This food is wonderful, you can see exactly what is in it, it's not mashed up or made into bite size shapes just flakes of Tuna or Chicken in jelly with whatever extra bits takes the fancy of your cat. Mine like Tuna, Tuna and Chicken and Chicken and Egg, I give them other varieties for a change some times.
24/02/11 | Annie
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Kitten loves it!

I wanted to encourage my new kittens to eat a more natural diet without a lot of allergens, additives and cereals in. One of my kittens absolutely loves this food, the other will eat it a little but prefers Felix! I am perservering as I think it is essential for their future health to get off commercially processed foods. Tried Applaws as well but this is the one they like the best.
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Almo Nature Jelly

My old cat of 13yrs as been eating the Almo Nature Jelly for a quite awhile now and loves it, and as been a fussy eater in the passed. His favourite is Tuna and Tuna & Chicken. I have also got two new kitten that are now ready for adult food and they also think it great. Very meaty and keep them well satisfied.
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Best cat food by far!

I buy the tuna one for my cat (haven't tried anything else), but tried the tinned chicken, tuna & shrimps, tuna & ham-she loved those too. I also give her Almo Nature dry food which she is very pleased with as well. Almo Nature is definitely the best cat food you can give your cat. It looks really healthy and for us human-it doesn't smell at all.
14/04/10 | Claire
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Fabulous Food

I was getting tired of throwing cat food away. Even the best supermarket brands ended up in the bin but with all the varieties of Almo Nature my five cats clean their plates and they are always there at meal times! They all have their own favourites and they all like a change of flavour now and then, but with this range there is plenty to choose from and I can be sure they are getting the best.
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First time I have bought Almo Nature and my tabby cat adores his tuna and baby sardines ( how spoilt is he?)he licks the bowl clean..am sure if I gave him that every day he would be happy! Have to say wasn't sure about almo nature as they write a sort of disclaimers saying that the magnesium levels arent balanced so should have with a good dry food, which is fine really. But when you see the quality of the fish and all that lovely jelly any doubts just fly away! Definately buying it again!
03/07/08 | Irene Miller
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super product

I have just recently started my cats on almo nature chicken in jelly & chicken & tuna and they absolutely love it. Clean plates every time what a relief as I was wasting so much money on cat food to throw away (all top quality food) so almo nature is excellent & I am happy to see clean plates I love to see them tucking in with such gusto to their almo nature cat food. Thanks, Cody,Nora & Barney.
29/03/08 | Wendy
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My cat is 5 years old and would only ever eat dry food. I had tried every wet food available since she was a kitten and she would not touch anything. Last year she developed a bladder problem, which was exacerbated by the dry food. I was desperate to get her onto wet food and came across Almo Nature jelly pouches - she absolutley loves them. Since having the wet food her condition has also cleared up. I would recommend this food to any owner with a fussy eater.
25/03/07 | Ellie
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PERFECT for cats with sensitive stomachs.

My cat is 16 years old, he had terrible runs for months! The vet took samples – yuck! sent them away with blood samples. The results - no underlying problems, just a VERY sensitive stomach. Told to 'Feed him bland food' pet shop suggested ALMO NATURE, natural food no irritating additives. What a transformation - MAGIC! 10/10
02/10/06 | Anna
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High quality food

I buy chicken & egg and tuna & chicken jelly pouches for my cat, just to offer him something different from the tinned Almo Nature varieties he mainly has. Same as with those, I'm very impressed with the quality of this food and so is my cat.