13/10/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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th eChicken & Fish pouches suit my 3 cats and that makes me really happy! :)
13/10/15 | Raggiemommy
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I give my 4 raggies two satchets of wet found once a day to add a bit of variety to the Hills Science Plan biccies. My she-cat would invariably turn her nose up and looked depressed and get quite hissy spitty later on. However, since finding this gem, she is literally bouncing. When 6pm comes along she leads me out to the kitchen and trots along to the food cupboard & doesn't leave her bowl until every scrap is gone. She loves the chicken fillet and chicken and ham flavour. Haven't tried any others yet. Thank the lord!! Lovely to see her so happy - she is like a new person/cat :-)