Kitty loves the chicken and cheese! The bigger cans also mean he eatd more and doesn't feel the need to bury for later.



Fantastic food which my two Bengals love - even the Pumpkin! Beware though this is not a standalone food - you need to feed with a complete food as well if your cats don't catch and eat prey regularly - mine catch but don't eat. Probably because they're spoilt! My two share a tin each morning and night and have complete dry food during the day


Good Quality Food and my cats love it.

One of my cats loves the chicken, the other loves the tuna. I've still to try my cats with any of the others but I will. I feel good that I'm feeding my two with a high protein good quality food.


Top notch nosh for my feline friends!!

All my cats love their weekly treat of Applaws. I enjoy serving it as it looks like real food, nothing like the highly processed packet foods. It's a hit here in many of the different options available.

02/05/17 | Karen

Best food ever

Great food never leave any and my cats coats are looking great on it highly recommend this food

11/08/15 | Milena

My cats love it

Smells a lot, like fish of course... But my cats love it and I can be sure I am serving them the best quality and pure food without any unnecessary additives

09/27/15 | Scottie

High quality cat food

high quality food. my two ragdoll cats simply love most of available varieties including chicken. only natural ingredients. highly recommended.

05/03/15 | Angie

Chicken with pumpkin

I like to make sure our cats get a healthy diet, and the chicken with pumpkin helps to ensure good gut health. Inclusion of pumpkin in a cats diet is recommended by vets, and our cats absolutely love this variety. We serve it at least once a day alongside other pure meat products, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their cats health, but is unable to go the fresh meat route.

11/28/14 | Diana

The only wet food with our cat eats

Applaws chicken with pumpkin probably is a number one which our 14 months old Birman cross girl loves and cleans a plate.She doesn't mind other flavours to but it must be applaws. Tried other good brands such as Carny and Bozita, most of it was left in the plate on every occasion I tried.


Very nice product

It looks good quality and healthy, as you would expect for the price. My cat really likes the chicken one, she is not quite so keen on the tuna but on the whole this has been a good buy, if you are looking for something more nutritious than the supermarket brands.

11/20/14 | Seville's mum

Happy, happy cat

My wandering cat used to dine at another house and often stay away for a day or two. Since I switched to Applaws, I've got my cat back.

09/15/14 | Zed

Really good

I have to say my cat loves this food, as do I as it keeps my little man happy, but I'm really disappointed with the tuna and prawn, very watery, not as much 'meat' as the chicken variety, so the cat needs more food to keep him going.

09/11/14 | Louise

A consistent hit!

The chicken and cheese looks just like shredded chicken and is the only wet food that both our boys scoff completely to leave clean bowls!

08/31/14 | C payne

Really good cat/kitten food

My 2 large Main Coon kittens love the chicken and cheese. I give them Royal canin kitten instinctive in gravy with this as a topping. Very good quality food which looks just like a can of chicken breast! No gravy or jelly just good chicken.

08/20/14 | Emma


My two tabbies Mulder & Scully love this food! Their favourite is the chicken and cheese, they always end up licking their bowls clean! I make sure I have some in the cupboard at all times. The best food at such a good price!

06/09/14 | Carol Boardman

mixed flavor saver pack

I have 8 Cats so as you can imagine it cost a fortune to feed and as there are a couple on special need food extra expense. I feed a variety of foods Applaws is a favourite but having to buy 24 of one variety sometimes does not work so well as cats like an assortment of tastes so the one thing missing from the range is a multi mix of flavours

06/08/14 | Elaine Dancer

Our Bengal girls love Applaws Fish variety

is great value, our girls love it, great quality food in an easily opened tin.

06/08/14 | Debbie

Bently & Macavity Love It !!!!

Bently & Macavity have tried every brand of food and finally I found Applaws . This is the only food that makes them clear their bowls in one go . They Love It !!!


My cat won't eat any other wet food!

My picky tabby loves this food. He only eats the tuna versions but adores them and we are happy knowing that they are good quality too.

06/08/14 | Teresa Farr

Great Price

Always google for the best price for this item as our cats love it - Zooplus always the cheapest and fast delivery guaranteed

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