03/08/18 | C Ward
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A different kind of cat food

My two cats are very fussy eaters. They really like the Bozita in Jelly, particularly for the jelly! They actually leave the meat chunks. But its great to see them enjoying wet food. The container is handy - recyclable and you can fold the top down to store it in the fridge.
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It's Okay..

I bought the sauce trial pack for my cats in the hope of swapping them from a low quality brand to this one. Neither of my cats are particularly impressed - even the one who wolfs down anything and everything. My older cat likes the sauce but won't touch the meat but the younger cat will pick at it through the day. The boxes are less wasteful than pouches which is a big plus. Worth a try but my two aren't too keen
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Wanted to give my cat a better quality cat food - previously eaten Sheba, but unfortunately he really doesn't like it. Eventually he will eat some of it but I have got the same response from four different flavours.
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My cats not keen

My cats usually eat 'Gourmet' or 'Sheba' wet food. I thought I'd give them something different for a change and bought a meat trial pack. They tried each flavour - one mouthful - but refused to eat any more. I'm glad it was only a trial pack that I bought.
18/01/17 | DorieFish
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Good and bad

My 3 only like the chicken one, normally very unfussy. I probably would buy again because the nutrition level is very good although I don't really like the tetra pack as it can't be resealed to put in the fridge and not easy to wash out for recycling
17/10/16 | Esme Higgs
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Not good for sensitive tummies

My two love the food, but sadly it upsets ther stomachs quite badly, probably because of the added cassia gum, a known irritant.
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Great cat food but...

My cats don't seem to like the chunks of meat and will only eat the jelly which there is a lot of as well. I like the fact that this is a complete wet food and contain no soy or grains, free from artificial aromas and preservatives too. My 2 cats only need a small amount of this every morning (as they have dry food in the evening) so one carton lasts about 3-4 days which works out good value for money!
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Savannah's not keen

I couldn't get my two to eat this. They only did out of hunger. You can't predict what they are going to like.