20/02/18 | Julie Thomas
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Bozita tetra saver pack

My two bsh silvers Luther n Zeus love all the tetra pack flavours cannot rate this food highly enough .clean bowls every time bright eyes shiny coats love this food very happy cats very happy owners
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Loved it at first, now it's 'meh'!

My two cats are both large and one is very fussy and the other will eat anything. I tried them on the diet and stomach sensitive and they loved it, clean bowls even from fussy Freddie! Tried the salmon and mixed pack of the larger packs (although I found them a bit too big) and same result. The sterilized chicken one was a big no from both of them - they wouldn't touch it. Then Freddie went off the salmon and now he'll only eat the sensitive elk one and doesn't seem as keen. Go figure!
13/08/16 | Aga Kuleta
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Cat's new favorite

My older boy needs to put the weight on and he's very fussy, I bought some kitten variety without much hope but he loves it. I'm not too keen on the pork ingredient but I won't complain as long as my cat approves. I love the tetra pack though, miles better than cans or pouches!