06/10/21 | Mary K
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My cats like it.

Having a mix of fiv positive and negative cats, I try to feed them the best quality food that I can. I switched from a supermarket level food that had started to add soy to their food. My cats hated the recipe with soy but instantly took to the Bozita chicken food and, although they initially licked all the jelly off and left the meat, they are now eating every scrap of the food. They're happy and healthy, and they look forward to meal times.
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So far so fantastic

Two fussy and elderly cats - one diabetic so needs high protein diet with no sugar or fillers- one has no teeth the other very few. Soon as I opened the reindeer meat Bozita the cats were fighting over it and polished off the lot! They might still go off it but so far every flavour is a hit. Mash chunks with fork so even my toothless moggies eat the lot.
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My cat loves it

I recently switched to exclusively wet diet for my senior Tom cat after a bladder stone emergency. He won't touch any of the special 'urinary care' foods, so I figured getting as much fluid through him as possible will help. I did a bit of research online and Bozita came highly recommended. The cat loves it, and happily eats all flavours tried so far. He is in good shape and has had no further bladder problems so far (early days, he is only a couple of months post op).
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Even my dry food addict seems to like it

So glad to find a cat food with a high meat content, large range of flavours and at a reasonable price. My ginger tom wolfs it down. I was surprised by my fussy tortie showing interest in it though. She only likes dry food and the odd bit of fish. So I've put a little down for her at every mealtime for the last couple of days and she's eaten it all! To keep the food fresh the top of the carton folds over. I fold twice, put a peg on it and stick it in the fridge - I've had no issues with odours.
16/09/18 | Lily
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Wholesome complete food

My two love this and they look so healthy when this part of their diet. The litter tray is less smelly too when we have this in the house.
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High meat content. Smells like meat.

After reading the ingredients and meat content on the supermarket and well known brands I was a bit disturbed by what my cats were eating. So after a lot of research I found Bozita. I switched my cats to it at about six months old and haven’t looked back, there was a very quick improvement in their coat sheen and more levelled out energy. Now have two very healthy two year olds. We buy in bulk, which saves money. The choice of flavours are hilarious but they like all of them.
23/04/18 | Julie Thomas
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Rabbit n duck flavour bozita chunks

Luther n Zeus love bozita tetra packs the wolf the duck n the rabbit flavours down like there's no tomorrow so I'm thinking these two must be their favs, I'm so happy I have found such a fantastic food for my precious Furbabies their coats gleam n bright eyes they are in fantastic condition thanks to this food
14/04/18 | Catt Obel
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One of my cats was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with a life expectancy is one year. After getting him off of additive-loaded UK supermarket food, and onto Bozita (and occasional Lily's Kitchen), he bounced back to health. He's still here six years later. All three of my cats are temperamental sods with the flavours but that's cats for you.
14/02/18 | Jaya
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Best Wet Cat Food

In terms of higher meat content I haven't been able to find any other commercial wet cat food to rival Bozita and Tibo wolfs it down. It's also quite low in calories as it doesn't have many filler ingredients. I've tried all sorts of flavours as I don't want him turning into a fussy eater. He hasn't disliked any of them so far.
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Well Fed Felines

My cats, 6 at present, have being eating this product for a few years. They are doing well on it. I only buy the jelly now as they prefer it to the sauce. I order Lamb and Chicken, sometimes Rabbit as well. They are older cats and find the Beef and Elk a bit rich. It mashes well and I usually mash it a bit as the chunks are quiet large.
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Great value, good quality

Inherited 2 cats raised on Whiskas biscuits & occasional Felix. It took several months to wean them onto good quality wet food. I tried various brands, & settled on Bozita as good, affordable, & they love it, esp chicken, duck, mackerel & rabbit. Not keen on haddock or turkey. On the few occasions they’ve been given Felix/Sheba since, they’ve gone mental! Took a few days to lure them back. I suspect the others contain sugar/additives. Do persevere with Bozita: try different flavours!
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93% meat, best food you can get

THE best wet food for your cat, no doubts about it. The ones I have tried are: Lamb, Elk, Rabbit, Minced Beef, & Chicken Liver. Out of these, the Rabbit is probably their favourite. Lamb is the least liked, but they eat every bit of the food eventually. Getting the food out is incredibly easy and you don't waste any of it due to the container - also very easy to save food for later! Quality is better than you could hope for and it contains nothing more or less than what your cat truly needs.
03/10/17 | tina
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yum yum

at last found a cat food that all 7 cats love
30/09/17 | Matt Shaw
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Our cats love it!

We were recommended Bozita by a friend and our cats loved it. We found it a bit of a chore to order online though so switched our cat's to Wainwrights wet food, which could be purchased from our local pet shop. This didn't agree with one of our cats though so we switched back. They love all flavours except one cat is not too keen on the chicken.
20/09/17 | Silwni Parker-Munn
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my cats love them, food slides out easily from the pack

Makes a great change from the tinned stuff, not too chunky and seems very fresh. I don't give them elk lamb or beef as they are not ethical, but they love the others, mackeral going down particularly well. I do find the packs hard to tear open, so I keep a pair of scissors especially for this (and cutting up blister packs as they are harmful to wildlife) and this is much easier, just slicing the tops off quickly, the cats are into the food practically before it is tipped onto their dishes.
29/07/17 | Abbie
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Takes a while, but worth it

Very high quality cat food. Initially, my cat just ate the jelly and refused the meat. Now she eats the jelly first and comes back for the meat later. Mix it with a little of your cat's usual food and introduce slowly. Worth the effort
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The foster cats wouldn't touch it. But my own two Wolf it right down. One has a very sensitive stomach, but thankfully Bozita doesn't lead to piles of sick on the carpet.
17/05/17 | Natalie
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Great quality. If your cat is always hungry, try it!

Cats need a high protein diet (they're carnivores) but supermarket brands contain only 4% meat! What's the rest of it?! Bozita is over 80% meat. 'Supermarket brands' also contain appetite stimulants (like McDonalds) and sugar to keep your cat addicted. (If you find your cat isn't keen at first, please try mixing their usual food (Whiskers, Felix, Sheba etc) together with Bozita and gradually reduce the amount of the old food to wean them off it.) Together with Appaws, a high protein dry food (which makes my cats coat so shiny!) my cat is so well nurished. He's a happy, healthy boy :)
13/04/17 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Our Bengals Love Bozita

We have two male Bengals and they both totallly love Bozita. They like jelly and sauce and prefer meat and poultry flavours rather than fish and their favourite is beef. Love the tetra packs as my 7 year old daughter can open them, the tops fold over for putting in the fridge and they are quick to rinse out for recycling. I checked out the ingredients and they are excellent quality. This is now the only wet food we buy. Winner!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
27/03/17 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Tried Bozita wet food in sauce and jelly after seeing the good reviews. My cats had previously been eating whiskas which I found out had lots of horrible additives and high amounts of sugar. It took AGES to ween them on to Bozita (maybe 2 months) and I threw a lot of it away. Its worth persevering though as now they clean their bowls and they are so much healthier now. Bozita is definitely a better quality cat food than a lot of supermarket brands and it is vey reasonably priced.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk