12/04/16 | DC
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Seems to like all the flavours

I bought a sample pack to try out - we've got to the end, and there weren't any flavours that she didn't like - I might get a mixed selection again though, I think she counts the cans and stops eating anything she deems there are too many of!
22/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Absolute favourites

Both of my cats love this food. Every last crumb is hoovered up, and even my fussy cat who usually turns down even chicken devours it. The price may be a little higher, but I like to treat my cats to the best. My cats prefer the 400g to the 800g for some mystical reason, but regardless of what you buy the economy packs are fantastic!
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So far so good

we have ordered both trial packs so far as our cat is a picky eater so it was the best way to see what would stick (as a 'base' she eats Orijen as well). Our cat likes Catz Finefoods which is a ground meat consistency with some jelly, where she does not like pates, string meat, or large chunks. She is a bigger fan of the red(er) meat varieties: Beef & Duck, Lamb & Buffalo, Lamb, and Poultry. So if your cat is anything like ours, this should be a hit for you...for a month or two at least. We will see if she sticks to it through the next round of orders.
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Catz Finefood Wet Food

This is among our cats' absolute favourites of all time, especially the lamb and buffalo variety.
10/05/15 | GV
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My 2 cats like Cats Fine food. Its very meaty, hight quality. Lots of choices. and reasonable price. Beef and Duck is a litter to fatty though. I did have to pick out the fat in the food. Other kinds are excellent.
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Tolles Futter! Empfehlung!!

Mein Kater hat sich früher nur von Sheba und Whiskas ernährt, als er uns zugelaufen ist. Er fraß nichts, absolut nichts anderes. Da ich aber immer ein schlechtes Gewissen hatte und auch meinen Hund mit artgerechtem Premiumfutter ernähre, habe ich den Versuch gewagt und Catz finefood bestellt! Und der Kater liebt es! Es riecht nicht übel, scheint lecker zu sein und die Deklaration ist ganz toll. Es steht genau drauf, wieviel Fleisch von welcher Sorte und sogar die Anteile Muskelfleisch, Herzen, Lebern,etc.!!! Außerdem ist das Catz finefood in der Dose von der Konsistenz etwas fester als die meisten anderen Produkte auf dem Markt. So kann man ein bisschen Wasser dazugeben, umrühren und es entsteht eine "gesunde" Soße und nicht dieser flüssige Abfall anderer Produkte. Wir sind begeistert und werden nie wieder ein anderes Futter kaufen!
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Both of my cats love lots of the varieties offered by this company. Lamb is the best for my fussier cat. Great consistency and very bearable smell. The hugely detailed and in depth ingredient list is a big bonus!
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My cat loves it

For a long time I fed her Animonda Carny, but the quality was just not doing it for me anymore, even if the cart still liked it. I bought Catz Finefood in a trial pack and my cat threw itself at it and almost swallowed it whole! The consistency is very good, and the smell is entirely bearable. And you don't find those horrible blobs of fat like you get on the bottom of some other products.
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Good quality wet food

Our four british Shorthair cats have been fed this for 2 months now. They were given the variety selection to start with but they all hated the Game (or Wild as it is called in Germany). However, they love the Buffalo, Pheasant and Prawn varieties and will eat all the other flavours apart from Game. The meat looks much better than cheaper brands of cat foo. Up to now they had been fed sachets but this is expensive and cans of Catz Finefood offers quality food in a tin which is more economical. This is supplemented with Orijin dry food and together they offer a good balanced diet without any preservatives or carbohydrate loaded junk. Highly recommended. There have been no upset tummies and their coats are fantastic on this diet.
21/09/13 | KAB
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Seems to suit my cats

I purchased variety packs of both the 400 g tins and the sachets. My cats seem to have initially prefered the scahets but these work out more expensive than tinned food so I have persisted with the tins and they have now all (I have 4 cats) taken to eating this. The quality seems much better than the cheaper cat foods and it smells much better (to me!). I shall continue to order this from Zooplus. My cats also eat Orijin/Acana/ Call of the Wild dry food as well.
16/07/13 | Juliet
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Quality food with a conscience

I have been ordering this from Germany for the past 6 months. So pleased I can now get it through a UK website! Tasty & sustainably sourced complete food suitable for both diabetic cats & 'normals' alike. Even my stubborn tortoiseshell (who was previously addicted to dry junk food) goes mental for it. Thank you for stocking it.