Great Food. My Cats Love!

I find Catz Finefood to be a really high quality food and my cats love it. They prefer certain flavours - Lamm & Kaninchen (lamb & rabbit) is a favourite - but they like quite a few of the different Catz flavours. Maybe try a mixed saver pack so you can find out which flavours you cat/s love before buying 16.

02/25/15 | Sylvia

A Happy Cat(z) Tummy at last

Despite vet reports there appears to be no apparent reason for it, my 10 year old rescue cat has never been able to tolerate most wet food and although she eats and enjoys it, usually regurgitates it within minutes of swallowing. As a result she has been fed on dry food but not any more, I tried her with Catz herring and crab which she really loves and retains. Initially I am giving her just half a pouch twice a day which she tops up with hairball biscuits as she suffers quite badly from these. I will try her with one or two other flavours to provide her with variety although she does seem to prefer fish or chicken. This appears good quality cat food which also smells delicious.

02/16/14 | Zoe

Great quality cat food

One of my cats loves these, all flavours except the herring (for some reason), but my other cat will only eat the salmon one. That said, neither of them showed an interest at first. I had to persist and not give them nothing else; it worked eventually! I think the texture initially put them off - it is a kind of pate texture rather than shredded meat. I feel much happier giving them this than the other 4% 'meat' rubbish - at least they are getting a species appropriate diet, and they seem to be thriving on it (with some dry food & applaws pots too). Both have glossy hair and eyes.

10/20/13 | Stephen Rush

At last

Having tried our cat with many quality cat foods she would only eat the "junk food" 4% meat foods which clearly is not what a cat requires from a diet. She mostly just would not eat better foods.....until now. I have ordered a few flavours of this food and she loves it. Really pleased about this as whilst it is an expensive food, it all gets eaten, non of it has to be given to other people as she would not eat it and if the ingredients are accurate this is a complete food with a very handy pouch feeding regime. I guess so far this is the best I have found without going raw food diet. Thank you for stocking these better foods.