21/07/17 | btlt2
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Update on my review on 20/06/17

I have been feeding my cat on this food now for over five weeks. Can't believe how much her health has improved. Even after one week I could see an improvement. No more blood after passing her pooh. She now goes every day instead of every three to four days and normal size. Not the massive poohs she used to pass which I am convinced was causing the bleeding. I strongly recommend this food for any cat with digestive and skin problems. I just hope that we will always be able to get supplies of zoo
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Excellent quality cat food

My cat has passed blood after her Faeces. She has had this problem since I adopted her last October. The vet advised a change in diet as he suspected that the cheap food she had been given by her previous owner was causing the problem. A difficult task for a cat who was addicted to this food and was very fussy. My cat loves the Kangaroo which I give her I will introduce the rest when her digestion calms down. No more blood so far since feeding this food for one week. I am delighted. Thanks
28/05/17 | Katarzyna Kukielka
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Pleased to get but disappointed with a bit too small variety available here...

My 3 cats are in love with kangaroo flavour, we had to make a switch to monoprotein type of wet food as we suspect food allergy is going on in our household :( those flavours would be pretty much excellent if I would be able to pick more singular flavours, such as pork or mutton, cos my cats can't have a fish nor chicken - as these cause allergy symptoms get activated :( so we would really appreciate to stock the rest of the Purr's family more regularly if possible ;) All in all obviously CFF is well known or should be as a high quality brand of cats' wet food and I do recommend this brand to any caring cat owner/carer . They are definitely worth of their price.
18/09/16 | nta16
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Another high quality food from Catz Finefood

A very good food, this is a complete (rather than complementary / supplementary) moist food that includes a good mix of meats with offal as a thick-pâté style with jelly like broth. Not as wet or as much protein, and costs more than, the Thrive Complete I usually give but a very good alternative to offer variety in meals and Purrrr contains offal so perhaps even more complete. Our cat, surprisingly, is not over keen on the salmon but does like the chicken and lamb and especially kangaroo.