Fussy cat approves and is losing weight

After years of no success with other diet brands we moved our obese cat to Concept for Life Light and she’s finally losing weight and happy. She lost weight on the dry so we decided to try the wet too and she loves it despite usually being fussy! We’re now moving all our cats and kittens to Concept For Life foods.
01/02/19 | Shilpa

Norweigen forest cats love it

A great alternative for a norweigen forest cat. My cat much prefers this over royal canin dry food.

no complaints from our cats...

Had this food in a "mystery" trial package from Zooplus and both our cats loved it. Lots of gravy and grain free... ordered it right away again.
12/02/18 | Robyn

My cats seem to really enjoy these

My cats can be fussy and I prefer them to have an all around meaty dry cat food and the pieces aren’t too small either.


a bit sceptical but so glad I tried it.My Maine Coon girl loves it and twirls in circles whilst I am filling her dish.I have noticed her scurf has gone her coat is really shiny and her poo doesnt smell anymore .
11/04/18 | Wojciech Delong

Concept for Life my cat’s favorite food

My cat loves the Concept for Life food. She meow on me every time when is the dinner time, she never did it before.
11/04/18 | Ricky

Cat loves this food!

Every time she eats this, the bowl is clean and shiny... she adores this food...
10/28/18 | Ricky

Cat loves it.

She is 3months old and she leaves the bowl clean...
10/24/18 | Sandra Vale

2 very fussy eaters

Having 2 very fussy eaters thought would give concept for life a try.My girls just thought this was a real treat and just asked for more. We are getting some More for them as it was such a delight to see them enjoying this food.
10/22/18 | Ioana Stoica

My cat loves it!

I started feeding it to my BSH and she actually began to get fussy over the wet food (premium cereal free brands). This was a huge surprise since she doesn't really like dry food.
10/19/18 | Diddy

At last! A good quality food ALL my cats like

I have 2 senior cats and one younger cat and have been trying to give them a higher protein diet for over 2 years. They haven't really enjoyed any of the better quality wet foods until now! The ALL love the All Cats Senior food, both wet and dry. Hooray!


My cats are fussy and only ever seemed to like royal cannin or Iams I thought I would give concept for life a try and wow my cats went crazy for it. They loved it and leave no left overs. Would definitely recommend this dry cat food.
09/27/18 | Magda

Great food for kittens

my cat loves this food
09/08/18 | Penny Wright

excellent food

my cats love this food, keep begging for more between meals and have on occasion chewed through the packaging if left accessible . their coats are glossy, full of energy, drink lots of water, using this for a year now in preference to other more expensive premium foods. successful. have lost a little weight but not when they persuade me to feed extra!
09/04/18 | Maureen

Brilliant product

I have 2 cats, one is overweight and a little arthritic. I purchased this for the overweight cat, but the other cat kept stealing it In preference to his wet food, even cat pate so I will be feeding both cats this diet from now on.

My boy loves this

I actually don't want to feed my Maine Coon dry food, but after him trying this with a free sample bag I got, he won't eat anything else grrr lol.
08/23/18 | Cliff B, Sussex

Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult is the new black!

My Maine Coons went mad for this food when Zooplus sent a free sample. They are now the proud owners of 26 kilos (already down to about 25 kg by the time of writing this!). The kibbles that have been their staple for 8 years are suddenly so last year; they now won't be seen eating anything other than Concept.
08/15/18 | Kornelia Sokolowska

Great food!

Mty both pusycats love it. food do not smell so intensive as some brands and for indor cat makes a difference as poo its so smelly yuppi!! they have good meant content and no grains wihci is even better for price they cost very happy with this purchase.
08/12/18 | Elaine

Heathier all round

My 2 cats were putting on weight and since being on the Concept for Life Light food they have noticeably lost weight and their coats are looking shiny. They have also had less occasions of bringing their food up, which is what happened on the previous food I fed them. I have looked into the content of this food and am satisfied it is healthier for them all round.
08/11/18 | Hannah


My cat absolutely adores this food, she goes mad for both the wet and dry and wolfs it down whilst purring away. I spent ages looking through various cat foods before getting her in order to find a decent one and I'm so glad I found Concept for Life. The ingredients are far better than a lot of the brands on the market and it's not extortionately priced either! Thumbs up from me and high five from my kitty too!

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