02/04/16 | originally published in bitiba.de
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New ingredients aren't liked

The new varieties aren't particularly liked by my 2 3-year old cats. Some are eaten after long discussions whereas others just don't seem to be accepted. I've been trying for 2 months to get my two sweethearts to accept, but unfortunately not successfully.... Before changing the ingredients, Iams was the only food they liked.. seems like I have to go on the hunt for a new one....
04/03/16 | BJ Harris
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If it isn't broken.....

My cats much prefer the old iams. The new food does not last long in the dish before it goes hard and inedible, I've had to throw quite a bit of it away. Looking for an alternative or a place to buy some of the old stuff. Very disappointed.
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Bring back the old version

My cats don't mind this but they loved the old one. This food does not last very long in the dish until it start drying up. Unless your cats eat it all fairly quickly, you can end up throwing a lot of it away. I need to order more food soon but am currently looking for an alternative or a place where I can still buy the old version.

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