13/11/17 | Mrs H
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Excellent price

Our vet recommended (well told) that we buy this food as our kitty who suffers from stress related bladder problems, mainly crystals which unfortunately makes him pee all over the house. Before we started him on this, he was on Whiskers (which he loved)…however this has much more meaty and looks more appetising! I add a drop or two of water to a) add to his water intake and b) make it more into a meat & gravy meal. Oscar eats it, depending how hungry he is. I also buy the dried Urinary too…which
26/02/17 | Leah
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Seems to help

My cat has been suffering from urinary problems. After seeing the vet and getting loads of tablets she recommended this food. He seems to be returning to his old self and will continue to feed this food! Would recommend if you're cat has urinary issues too!
26/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Good quality but not that appetising...

This is a great product with a really low calorie content, but I can't really say it appeals to my 2 cats... I think they really just ate it out of desperation. The sterilised version is much better, in my opinion - it's got a higher calorie content but it seems to taste better.