04/11/18 | Ricky
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Cat not too happy with this food

My cat doesn’t like this one very much... eats a little and then leaves the rest and goes for the dry food. With other brands she leaves the bowl clean...
25/01/18 | Tomo
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I thought I finally found something healthy and my cat eat when I first fed my cat. So I re-ordered 48 pounch. But she doesn't eat ever since. I definitely want to feed her good quality of food rather than regular cat food that you can buy in supermarket but this one was another fail... I am still keep on looking for THE ONE for her. Arghhhhhhhhh
30/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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The jelly isn't always nice...

this is a good product but my cat had trouble with the jelly version - tended to make him sick - whereas he was fine with the gone in sauce
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Pros: my two cats can't wait to eat it, as if there were no other food in the world worth eating Cons: The ingredients - it contains sugar and grains, neither of which are too great to include in cat food. I also find these pouches really impractical and it's tricky to get all of the food out. I have to admit I like sweets and fast food occasionally myself, so I allow my cats to have this now and again for a treat, but not too often, or they'll soon not eat anything else!
12/12/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Whoever thought up the advertising...

Cats naturally follow where their taste buds take them. Our cats rarely eat the same thing twice and that's how it went down with this food. They'll happily eat what they haven't had a chance to get bored with. And the ingredients aren't so amazing. Sugar? They'll eat this food but never twice in a row. They don't like that.
30/07/11 | www.carameldreams.co.uk
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my kittens loved it, however my pocket didnt! 6 x 85g pouches for £6? should have double the amount, for the price it is.