27/11/18 | Patrick
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Good - but inconsistent

Our one and a half year old cat loves this food. She's extremely healthy and in excellent condition on it. But every now and then, we'll get a packet, or sometimes a whole box of 12 that she just completely refuses for no apparent reason. We've no idea why, we can only assume it comes from a different factory or something? We feed her Royal Canin Fit32 dry food in the morning and a pouch of this in the evening.
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I have 2 cats and they are both well and happy with this Royal Canin Intense Beauty food against all others tried. HOWEVER..I made a mistake and purchased a pack of 48 in JELLY instead of the GRAVY and neither really liked it, walking away from the dish having eaten very little [and found it smelt nasty if left covered in a dish between meals....wasted a lot in fact] I give the Light variety to the cat who is overweight and she likes that too.. The only wet food I ever buy now.
17/03/18 | alf heaven
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difficult to extract from packet in last few months

cats still love this but last few months has been much more 'gloopy' than before, very difficult to squeeze out from the packet - has something changed???
17/01/18 | Laura
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Great quality

My kittens are now 8 months & have been eating this twice a day since 2 months, along with the royal canin kitten biscuits. They love the small chunks and always eat it all. I've also tried the gravy one but they will only eat this. Will move onto the sdult when it's time.
12/11/17 | James Harrison
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A shame.

We have a lovely cat called Nony but she is prone to being overweight hence our choice of Ultra Light. In view of this tendancy we weigh out all her food, a pouch of Ultra Light in gravy first thing in the mornings followed by Royal Canin Lightweight Care kibbles. It is a shame that rarely does the pouch hold the 85g that is stated on the pouch. It goes mostly from 78g to 83g and we are VERY careful to make sure we have emptied the pouch. Try it yourselves. It is a bit of a fraud.
20/12/16 | Beatrice
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Cats love it

I must say that my two rascals love this food. The downside is the price (food was a present from a friend) and I am not prepared to pay it. Plus it's mission impossible to try and get it out of the packet
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Give it to my CKD cat

After trying every renal food out there for my cat with CKD ( all eventually got rejected ) I tried Intense Beauty as according to Tanya's CKD website it has quite low phosphorus levels. Goes down great with both my cats. My other cat who we rescued in Jan had a constant bald spot on her side which the vet didn't know what it was - this is now finally filling in after using Intense Beauty - highly recommend
30/08/16 | Molly
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Great for sensitive tummies

Our cats were struggling a bit with the food we were feeding them and we tried them on this and within two days it had settled their stomachs! They LOVE it and go crazy when I bring the pouch out of the cupboard. It would be nice to have a couple of flavours to alternate and it is quite pricey.
22/01/16 | iro
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kitten growing strong

she has been fed this wet food as part of her wet rotation- she is always happy to see it. the jelly disappears first and she goes back later for the chunks but they're never left behind. smells good, fur is shiny. i rotate cause i don't want her to only experience one food, only minus is that it is only one flavour/type.
03/04/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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This food destroys appetites right down to the very last crumb. A pity that this Light food contains sugar. So I'm not really sure if it is really that good for losing weight. But they still seem to like it and it fills them up.
18/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Yummy, but...

there is only one single problem with RC instinctive in Jelly the packaging. Make sure to shake the pack before opening or you'll end up spilling loads. My gourmets get very excited as soon as they see the package - they just love the jelly!
13/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Top !

For kittens, there's nothing better than this RC Jelly. Top! Recommended
10/06/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Royal Canin Intense Beauty

This flavour from Royal Canin pouches is my cat's favourite. It has the most gravy.
22/02/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Cheaper than at any retailer

I don't quite know why but my cats are absolutely bonkers for this stuff. The prices are so high in any physical store that Zooplus and their economy packs really save my bacon. Ordering is as easy as ever and I have stocked up once more.