01/26/18 | Eva

Ragdolls love it, Persian just ok

The tender chicken tins go down better, and they all seem to love the tuna and sardine tins. They are not as dry as the tuna only ones. I rotate tins randomly with other 3 wet food brands, so that I won't be stuck when they stop eating one for some strange reason we humans will never get.


Nice for a snack

My cat loves this. It is quite dry so you should add water to it when you serve it (I always add water to my cat's food anyway). My cat is very fussy and gets bored easily so I only feed him a little of this every now and then.

01/02/18 | Jessica

Smelled great!

First time a cat food I gave my 2cats(8month,3yr black) actually smelt like human food. Sadly they turned up their nose. It could have been the texture. Their usual diet is Felix and Gourmet (which I'm trying to change) and they don't like Sheba. So if your cats are like mine they might not like this.

11/24/15 | Vanessa

A good value food

My cat really enjoys this, he does get bored so I only order the 200g tins. He eats this food when put down and often 'screams' to say more please. It has also had the seal of approval from a sneaky doggy. I will be ordering more trial packs, I simply don't need the amount required to order each flavour individually.


My 3 cats love Smilla!!!

My three cats love boxes smilla poultry & beef and poultry & poultry heart, they like the other ones a bit less though. The boxes are 200g for 3 cats, might be better if there were also 100g boxes for smaller appetites.

01/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

My farm cat loves this...

... but my other big cat doesn't like it at all. It seems to be great food though and fantastic value for money. The packaging could be clearer, so minus 1 star for that.

03/06/13 | Debbie

Good food. Pity about the smell.

My cats love this food and I've been feeding it in rotation with Bozita and Animonda wet foods (with Cosma and Applaws thrown in occasionally for extra variety). The only problem is that this food absolutely stinks! I seriously feel like I'm going to vomit every time I open a can, and this is enough for me to avoid buying it in the future. It's a pity though, because it is otherwise a great food that's great value.

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