22/01/18 | Linda Roberts
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Evidently tastes better than it looks

Love the thrive brand so pleased to see another protein option. Have to agree with previous comments regarding the peas!! I either mush them up of hoof them out but our MC enjoys the taste and licks the bowl clean. I do mix in Ziwi Peak freeze dried lamb to bulk it out so I will be buying it again to use in this way. Main plus point for me is that it contains no carrageenan so although it may not look pretty it's still a lot better to feed than most brands.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good, but expensive

Cat's love this. A shame it's nearly £1 a tin. That's 6 a day on wet cat food for my two.
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I've literally tried every high quality, complete wet cat food on this site and I've finally found a wet food that my little biscuit addict likes! He actually LICKS THE BOWL CLEAN when I feed him the tuna variety =) I've finally been able to wean him off biscuits. The only reasons that I didn't give this product five stars are that the shredded texture of the chicken variety is a bit off-putting for both my cats, and it's such a wet food that I have been splashed a couple of times when opening the cans - which isn't that pleasant as I'm vegan! (Although that's just a personal niggle, nothing to do with food quality!) I'd also like to see more varieties - especially in the multipacks, as I'd prefer not to just feed my cats fish and as I mentioned, they don't like the chicken as much. Overall though, great product!
03/05/15 | George & Carlotta
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Thrive is our good alternative to the other soft food we usually use (will not mention here for respect of the thrive company), when we cannot find the usual food are cats love, they are happy to have thrive and considering how fussy cats can be about their food, this should let you know how good this is :-)