08/01/19 | Lizzie
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Cats Love It

Both my cata love the ocean fish flavour. I just wish Thrive would make it in bigger cans as I get through 4 a day! It works out quite costly!
15/10/18 | Nick Hill
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Superb quality

The best quality cat food I can find. Excellent ingredients, perfect for an obligate carnivore.
13/08/18 | Su
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my picky street princess' fav!

my picky cat loves tuna. Yet, if the can has too much of a liver smell in it, she wouldn't touch it. This one just smells like delicious fish in my own salad. Paws up from my cat.
25/04/18 | helen
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loved by fussy cats

I have a 10 month old who only likes raw. I have been trying to find her a packet she will eat for emergencies eg if I forget to thaw the raw! This is the only one she will eat. I have another cat who has recently joined our family. She loves felix. I am trying to get her to eat better quality food. She has eaten other good quality wet but reluctantly. With thrive she wolfed it down. Infact I put the thrive out for the kitten and she came to investigate and decided to tuck in as well!
13/03/18 | Geraldine
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Big hit

This was a massive hit with my four cats (2 adults and 2 7 month old kittens), They tore into it and then went looking for the empty tins to lick. It did cross my mind when I gave them it "heck they might turn their noses up at their regular food and I can't afford this on a daily basis". If only it came in bigger tins for multicat households, it would really bring the cost down.
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My BSH cat has always been a bit of a fussy eater, but absolutely loves the Thrive tins. They are full of real food and a big bonus is that it is a complete food and without any additives whatsoever. Very difficult to find a food like this, especially if you read all of the ingredients in other so called quality foods. My only gripe is the Tuna with Shrimp & Squid - the tin is only about half full of actual fish and the rest is made up of liquid. Unless, there was a manufacturing problem?
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Good quality honest food

My two Ragdolls have sensitive stomachs and this food has been brilliant for them because it doesn't include any of the other cheap ingredients that other manufacturers add to bulk up the food (like rice! or barley!). You can tell that the food is good quality and much better than the other premium food brands. I have bought many of the other wet and dry varieties that Thrive produce and I have found all to be very good food. Highly recommended.
07/09/17 | Louisa
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Fantastic complete food for cats

I have tried every cat food under the sun for my 5 month old kitten Leo and he never licked clean his bowl, maybe he's just a finicky eater but ever since I've switched him to thrive complete, chicken and liver being his favourite, he is in kitty food heaven. He eats every morsel I'm happy he is getting a complete high meat content meal, he has gained a healthy weight as he was a tad skinny and he has a shiny coat and bundles of energy which has put a strain on my back keeping him exercised.😬😬😬
22/08/17 | Eirini
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Treat food

(This food does not contain any rice whatsoever, I am unsure what the other reviewer was talking about). My cat loves this tuna tin. The product coming out of the tin looks and smells like proper tuna fillet and it has some added sauce. I don't want a tuna addict so this is a treat food for her (she gets six tins per month) but I can see she would have it every day if only she had opposable thumbs!
01/08/17 | Sophie Burton
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This is my fussy cat's new favourite food in the whole world. Looks really good quality, worth the price.
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Best cat food around

I feed both my cats on Thrive wet and dry food. By far the best cat food on the market and its complete. I used to feed my cats on another well known (and not cheap) brand, but 1 1/2 pouches later still did not fill her up. One tin of Thrive each meal and she's more than happy with a full tummy. It's not the cheapest but you definatley get what you pay for.
17/06/17 | Heather Gout
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Gone in no time

Friends gave us two sample tins that were being handed out at the BBC Good Food Show. Spider devoured both, one after another over two days. He is fussy and definitely a cat food snob, so we are always relieved to find a product he loves.
16/06/17 | Rachael Bannister
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Bought this as supermarket foods just weren't filling my 1yr dsh at all she totally loves this she can't get enough I have bought the biscuits as well but she's not a biscuit fan but she is trying them. Zooplus need to extend the range as there are 12 varieties and I am also buying from Thrive direct but it is £1 MORE expensive from them???? A mixed bulk saver pack would be idea
16/05/17 | Elaine
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The best

I'm very conscious about what my BSH eats. I've searched hi and low for a healthy, grain free, carb free diet. She was on Applaws for breakfast which she absolutely loved but it irked me that it wasn't complete and was very expensive (had to add vitamins and vary her diet). Then I found this. Thrive looks like applaws but is complete! And cheaper too! I've also noticed the range of flavours has increased on Zooplus so I'm sure lots of ppl are realising how good this product is. My cat also has granatapet, catz fine food and feringa for dinner.
21/02/17 | Jo V
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Great replacement for non-complete foods like Encore

Our cats love Encore as a treat, but now I've found Thrive Complete I can give them this instead - and I think it's slightly cheaper than what we were paying for Encore. Honestly, Ocean Fish variety looks very unappetising, but the cats aren't fussed about what it looks like, and the empty bowls suggest it tastes better than it looks.
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Perfect for pusscats

I feed Daff only the best stuff. Thrive is full of the best stuff! I know that if it's Thrive, it's going to be good for her
19/01/17 | Shane
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So our Bengal is somewhat a fussy eater. Her previous owner unfortunately got her addicted to Whiskas which as most people know is pure rubbish. So I tried to find a replacement and after lots of research and some different testing, I found this. I had it in her bowl with some Whiskas and she went straight for this! She even left the Whiskas and began meowing for more :D
16/11/16 | Miley
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My cat who hates all wet foods likes this one!

So yeah my cat wasnt eating any wet food, I tried different brands and she refused to eat any of them so I was starting to give up. Then I got a free trial can of this one. She likes it! And surprinsigly, she even likes all the flavors! Its weird, I dont know what Thrive does that is so different to all the other brands but please keep it up.
07/07/16 | Carl
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Best quality wet food on the market

Quite simply this is the best quality wet cat food on the market, my cat loves all flavours (and it is a complete food too). The only flavour I would recommend against is the ocean fish on the grounds that it is somewhat watery compared to the rest hence doesn't fill my cat up for as long as the others.
13/05/16 | nta16
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These are good value as they are a very good and complete food

It’s great to have a high quality complete wet food and with good quality protein. These are in broth so really wet. The 5% difference with turkey and chicken liver offers a small amount of variety to the chicken breast but using with the fish selections gives more. Probably much better quality chicken than most of the chicken most of us owners eat.