30/03/16 | Shannon
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Not working like it should

You can use it for water, but I needed it for dry food and it didn't work. I needed to shake it all the time , to get it down into the bowl, because it stuck "always".
14/10/09 | Carr
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Not good for dried food

I bought one for water (works great once you get the wrist flip mechanism down) and a larger one for dried food as i sometimes am away over night. The food really doesn't seem to work as the "gravity" mechanism doesn't get the food coming out the bottom once the kittens have eaten what's in the bowl. There is a slight slope in the storage bowl end but even so the food doesn't "slide down"
22/01/07 | John Swallow
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Good idea, but an extremely poor design

've just received two of these today for my cats, one to be a water bowl, the other for the dried biscuits. I'm either being incredibly stupid or it's very poor design, but there is no way to fill these up from the top. The only way they can be filled is by filling them up, putting them in the base upside down and then inverting the whole thing. So far, I've had a full tub of biscuits all over the floor and water everywhere. Not impressed.