25/10/16 | Julie
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Absolutely Brillient... Until the Cat learns to open it...

Yes that's right, by 5 month old kitten thinks the best thing in the world is to knock the top off and have water gush all over the floor!!! Until then I had two and thought they were absolutely brilliant... but the don't lock into place and a smart cat can knock it off easily!
30/04/13 | samantha
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water bowl

i brought this for my 3 cats thinking it would prevent water going stale and provide fresh water! . . . . but i find you cant fully fill it up as soon as you put the bottom back on and turn it the right way up its almost half empty again, because it is plastic it needs washed ever 2 days also my youngest cat has a habit of nocking it over and the water goes everywhere! but its not a bad idea just a few flaws.
08/04/12 | Kerry
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Brought 2 for Water

Not one of the best products I have puchased. Has a few design flaws that need tweeking. Have finally worked out that to stop the dispenser losing most of it's water you have to make sure that the longest lip of the water holder needs to be at the front so that it sits in the bottom dish. This way you do not lose as much water as it fills the bowl much more slowly. On the plus side it does hold a large amount of water per dispenser so you do not have to constantly keep having to refil bowls all day. Good if you have cats/dogs that drink lots
14/06/10 | Amanda Thornton
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Not Quite Sure

I bought four of these for my two cats while we are on holiday . Putting water in them is quite tricky but once mastered it's fine although I've found when you put dry food in , the biscuits take a little persaution to spill out. I'm a little worried now that the cats are going to find it hard to get the food out when they are hungry. On the whole a good idea but not quite sure how practical it is.

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