Would not recommend this product

My 12 year old cat is not happy with the new cat sister (1 year old) and to see if this calm her down. But this made her more aggressive towards everyone in the house. And I should mention it has a really strong smell that I couldn't stand. Will not be using it.


Unbelievably good

Within an hour my new rescue who was practically feral - spitting growling, unable to touch or stroke her - was sitting the sofa next to me purring!!!!!! I would recommend to anyone

12/15/17 | Pamela

Very dangerous!! Seriously distressed cats

I wish I read the reviews before buying! I purchased 2 of these for my already agitated cats. The second day we noticed one if the cats clawing at his mouth and when we went to inspect he had got his lower jaw under the collar and was stuck! Like the other reviewer said its thick plastic and cats cannot break our of it. My arms are torn to pieces from trying to cut the collar off a very distressed cat. I've now taken the 2nd one off our other cat. Product made no difference and v potent smell.


Serious damage to my cat

So read all the instructions and fitted the collar appropriately. Seemed to calm the cat fine, went to bed and woke to my cat covered in blood the following morning. To try and get the collar off she had slipped her lower jaw inside the collar and because there is no safety release on it she was stuck that way for maybe hours with it systematically cutting into her mouth making her bleed quite a bit. It is made of a quite thick plastic so there was no way she could bite or get her way out of it

05/19/17 | Lynn

Must have for stressed cats

I cannot believe how excellent this has been for our cats. I have tried everything because I have two cats of my own and I adopted 2 further adult male cats and it has been really difficult keeping them all calm. Within 1 day I saw an unbelievable reduction in their stress and they also started playing together for a short while. I have only put one collar on one of the cats but I am thinking of putting another on another one. It has only been 4 days but the collar has been great for my cats

02/05/17 | Agnes

Good for some

I got it for two cats, one that was quite antisocial and not comfortable walking around the house or interacting with anyone. It worked amazing for her, she walks around, sleeps in my bed and comes for cuddles. The other cat had an issue with marking his territory and it didn't work at all for him. I will be trying a feromone collar as this one is only catnip

01/16/17 | Karen Thomas

Works well!

Our stressed rescue cat was using our new carpet as a litter tray. We have been building and he is scared of change. He has worn this collar for week and seems much calmer and happier so fingers crossed!


Does the job but.

Some time ago our little Lucy was badly injured while on one of her trips outside ,we think she was set upon by some other animal . The vet did a good job and she healed well but we were left with a very nervous little friend. I bought one of these collars to see if it would help and it did but after three days Lucy started to scratch and cut herself now she has to wear the dreaded lamp shade collar for a week or so . If you get this collars I would advise caution ,

10/16/16 | Nicole


Within an hour my cats were passing each other on the stairs. One of mines very anxious and the two others gang up on him. They've been so settled and harmonious. Just shows how effective it's been because it's wearing off and the youngest most boisterous has stated being really aggressive again. Next ones on its way.



very pleased with this have tried the others on the market and this is a Natural product too.


problem solver!

I have been looking for a more natural approach to calming and used this with my cat Coco for recent vet visits and she's like a different cat! Really pleased

08/20/16 | Clare Keable


I bought one of these because I was becoming fed up with my boy Oscar continually fighting/scrapping with his sister. Since he has been wearing it (3 days) he hasn't gone for her, in fact quite the opposite. He has slept next to her on the settee, passed her on the stairs without swiping at her and I am no longer woken in the night by constant hissing and crying/yowling. I just wish they either lasted longer or were cheaper as I'm not sure that I can afford to buy these every month.