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Would not recommend this product

My 12 year old cat is not happy with the new cat sister (1 year old) and to see if this calm her down. But this made her more aggressive towards everyone in the house. And I should mention it has a really strong smell that I couldn't stand. Will not be using it.
15/12/17 | Pamela
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Very dangerous!! Seriously distressed cats

I wish I read the reviews before buying! I purchased 2 of these for my already agitated cats. The second day we noticed one if the cats clawing at his mouth and when we went to inspect he had got his lower jaw under the collar and was stuck! Like the other reviewer said its thick plastic and cats cannot break our of it. My arms are torn to pieces from trying to cut the collar off a very distressed cat. I've now taken the 2nd one off our other cat. Product made no difference and v potent smell.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 1/5

Serious damage to my cat

So read all the instructions and fitted the collar appropriately. Seemed to calm the cat fine, went to bed and woke to my cat covered in blood the following morning. To try and get the collar off she had slipped her lower jaw inside the collar and because there is no safety release on it she was stuck that way for maybe hours with it systematically cutting into her mouth making her bleed quite a bit. It is made of a quite thick plastic so there was no way she could bite or get her way out of it