05/02/17 | Agnes
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Good for some

I got it for two cats, one that was quite antisocial and not comfortable walking around the house or interacting with anyone. It worked amazing for her, she walks around, sleeps in my bed and comes for cuddles. The other cat had an issue with marking his territory and it didn't work at all for him. I will be trying a feromone collar as this one is only catnip
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Does the job but.

Some time ago our little Lucy was badly injured while on one of her trips outside ,we think she was set upon by some other animal . The vet did a good job and she healed well but we were left with a very nervous little friend. I bought one of these collars to see if it would help and it did but after three days Lucy started to scratch and cut herself now she has to wear the dreaded lamp shade collar for a week or so . If you get this collars I would advise caution ,