29/03/18 | Kaeren Daunt-Jones
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not the Best

When I opened the bag I was quite impressed, smell was like a sawmill, looked pleasant. But, Oh dear, don't buy if you have lots of hairy cats, it tracks everywhere :-( . The clumps are rather sticky gluey affairs, that break up easily. When a cat first poos on it, the smell is really enhanced, but it does work after a while, I am still searching for that perfect litter, and sadly, this isn't it :-(
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Holds smells well, but tracks a lot

The litter hides the smell well but tracks a lot. I use a Modko Modkat and when I used Worlds Best I had zero tracking, but with Cats Best I keep finding it everywhere. The large granules do not sift through the Litter Locker scoop and I pick up a lot of clean litter granules. Its okay but I am going to stick to Worlds Best
28/06/15 | Midnight's Mummy
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Barely satisfactory

I have to say, I was really disappointed in this litter. Although it clumps, smells and looks ok it is not worth the full price of £3.99 for 5L. Luckily I bought it on offer. They were selling a maximum of 2 bags for £1 each. I used to buy Wilko's own clumping litter which I stopped getting in favour of getting litter delivered to my home as carrying it home was difficult. This was my first attempt at finding a substitute. The Wilko clumping litter works similarly but with two bonus features, it tracks a lot less than this and lasts longer! A 10L bag of wilko lasts a month for my one cat whereas 2 5L bags of this made it to just about 3 weeks. I should also point out that this bag is barely enough to get the desired depth in my small/medium sized litter box and as you start taking out the clumps you start to need the the second bag quick. I might buy it again if I see it on offer as my cat was ok with it but never at full price. Its just not worth it. Sadly this is not the litter I will be replacing the Wilko one with, but thankfully I also bought a bag of Biokat's Micro clumping litter with this, which I have very high hopes for.
11/08/09 | Fiona
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Not the best

I thought I'd try this because of the great reviews but we have lots of cats and have found that this scatters all over the place. It's very good at soaking up urine and is a good all round litter but it's not as good as World's Best.